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How to grow your business with the new commerce experience for Azure in the CSP program?

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Digitally transformed organizations are able to create better value for their customers today with advanced technologies. Microsoft customers rely on trusted Microsoft partners with industry-specific expertise and experiences to assist in accelerating digital transformation with customized services and assistance.

In a Forrester study, Microsoft partners told that focusing their investment on building IP offerings and new-age managed services help them attain better gross margins (up to 80% by the third year).

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Microsoft continuously strives to help partners become trusted advisors to the customers by providing better tools, innovative products and access to new business opportunities. Along these lines, Microsoft has evolved its commerce experience for Azure in the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) program to help provide customers with the better buying experience and partners to get better selling and management experiences and for broadening the partners’ influence on customers undergoing digital transformation.

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With this, partners are empowered to grow their business by:

  • Acquiring more customers with better selling experience
  • Driving better profitability with the help of new tools and capabilities.


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Benefits of New Commerce Experience for CSP partners

There are multiple advantages in addition to greater growth and profitability opportunity for the service providers and ISVs with the new commerce experience.

new commerce experience for Azure

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More benefits of new commerce experience for Azure are outlined below:

1. Single, Universal Catalog

The new commerce experience provides partners access to a single, universal catalog comprising advanced Azure services with consistent price structure across all channels. This enables partners to expand their service portfolio as soon as new innovations in Azure become available. This helps them attract new customers and provide better value by showcasing their products in the Azure marketplace and bundling their products with those of other solution providers in the marketplace.

2. Credit Rewards

Partners get a chance to gain recognition for offering differentiated value-added services continuously through partner earned credit model. These credit rewards enable partners to focus on customer success with value-added services that lead to sustained profitability.

3. New Tools, Streamlined Pricing

With new tools like Azure Lighthouse, better capabilities and consistent Azure pricing structure throughout, partners can manage all their customers better. They get transparency and predictability with single invoicing and billing date alignment for Azure and purchases via marketplace with billing cycle aligned to the month-end.

4. Azure Cost Management

With new Azure Cost Management, Microsoft partners get a rich set of tools for monitoring, allocating and optimizing cloud costs with analytics to better manage and maximize cloud efficiency for their customers.

5. Simple Agreement Framework

With a simple agreement framework, Microsoft partners get to do business with increased transparency and better business results. The framework includes Microsoft Partner Agreement and the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

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The Azure CSP offer and the platform will still be available with the new Azure experience for coming months, as per Microsoft. This will give partners time for incorporating new Azure features with their services and for transitioning their customers to the new commerce experience.

Wrapping up

With Microsoft releasing new things on the CSP front for enhancing the customer experience and offering the right tools to the partners for increased cloud adoption amongst the customers, it’s better that you move your day to day cloud business operations like cloud billing, service provisioning and delivery, to a cloud business automation tool like RackNap.

RackNap, a Microsoft preferred solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace for its quality, performance, and ability to address customer needs, is also a Microsoft GTM and Co-sell ready software. It has enabled Microsoft partners in multiple countries to drive cloud consumption (Office 365 and Azure under CSP program). And RackNap is working towards including the relevant modern commerce changes inside it and to pass on those benefits to the customers.

By automating your cloud business operations, you can focus your time and skills on increasing your business revenue. So, book a demo today.

You can also reach out to us on [email protected] for any query or to learn more about the platform.

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