A to Z of Launching a New Subscription Business

The subscription economy is booming and there cannot be a better time to be in the subscription business than now.But how to start a subscription business? What tools do you need to run a successful subscription business? What are the different subscription models? Let’s uncover every detail about launching a new subscription business.

Tips for Starting a Subscription Business

Establishing the Bedrock: Crafting Your Foundation for Success

  • From fitness apps to magazine subscriptions, and software services to gourmet meal kits – the subscription business model is sweeping across industries. The subscription business model shines with its dual appeal - convenience (for the customers) and recurring/predictable revenue (for the businesses).

    In a subscription business, customers pay you regularly, like every week, month, or year, to use your products or get your services. They can keep paying and using it as long as they want. This way, you can keep making money steadily by keeping your customers happy.

    When launching a new subscription business, the first thing you will need to do is to decide the subscription model. Subscription models can largely be put into the following types – Product Subscription (meal kits, books, etc.), Service Subscription (SaaS), Membership or loyalty program, Curation (subscription boxes), and Replenishment model.

    Each model presents its unique advantages and suits different business niches. Choose one that aligns with your product offering. The next step is to form a dedicated team - each member should bring unique skills and expertise to the table. Simultaneously, define a compelling value proposition that sets you apart in the market. Conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience and ensure legal compliance with regulations. If you are launching a subscription business alongside your existing business, then ensure that the entire process of launching a new subscription offering should not interfere with your existing business processes.

Build a strong partner ecosystem

Setting up the infrastructure and determining the right pricing for your subscription model

  • Now, let's dive into a crucial part of your subscription business journey: setting up the right infrastructure. Think of it as the engine that drives your subscription business forward.

    Speed is the name of the game in the subscription world. Customers want what they've subscribed to, and they want it now. Delayed deliveries or sluggish service can quickly lead to canceled subscriptions. So, ensure your infrastructure is nimble and can handle the demand.

    Next, identify bottlenecks in your operations and streamline them. Bottlenecks are like traffic jams on the road to success. Whether it's inventory management or customer support, make sure everything flows smoothly.

    Your infrastructure determines your limits. The better it is, the farther you can go in your subscription business. It allows you to scale up and take on more subscribers without breaking a sweat.

    An important part of this stage would be to determine the billing and pricing strategy of your subscription. Start by defining the pricing model. It will define how you are charging for your subscriptions. A few popular subscription pricing models include:

  • Recurring Billing

    This is the classic subscription model. You set a fixed price that customers pay at regular intervals, like Netflix's monthly fee. It's predictable and offers stability.

  • Tiered Pricing

    Think of this like ordering at a restaurant. Customers can choose from different packages with varying features and prices. Adobe Creative Cloud uses tiered pricing, offering different packages with various design tools and features.

  • Usage-Based Pricing:

    This one's like your utility bills. Customers pay only for what they use. For instance, many cloud computing services charge you for the resources you consume – a good example can be Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Remember, the right pricing model should align with your business goals, your audience's preferences, and the value you provide. The effectiveness of your subscription business and pricing strategy will largely depend on the subscription tool you use to manage all aspects of your business, especially the billing. You will need to select the right subscription billing software to bill more efficiently and reduce the churn rate. Efficient billing is the cornerstone of running a successful subscription business as it helps reduce churn rate by enhancing go-to-market time and improving customer experience.

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Launch your subscription business and master the art of iteration

  • Once you’ve streamlined your operations, infrastructure, pricing, and billing of your new subscription business model - you can go ahead and launch it.

    Remember, no subscription business is born perfect. It's more like a recipe that gets better with each iteration. Think of your subscription business as a chef crafting a new dish. You might have a great idea, but you won't know if it's perfect until you serve it up. Launching is like that first taste test. This is where you start small. You might offer your subscription to a limited group of customers. Think of it as a soft launch. It helps you work out any kinks in your system, whether it's related to logistics or customer experience.

    Once you're out there, listen to your customers. What do they love? What could be better? Their feedback is gold. It's like having a compass to navigate the subscription landscape.

    Based on customer feedback, don't be afraid to make changes. It might mean tweaking your offerings, adjusting your pricing, or enhancing your service. It's all about getting better and better.

    Remember, listening to your customers and making changes accordingly is a fantastic strategy. It's not just about delivering customer satisfaction; it's also how you grow your subscription business.

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