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RackNap is
Microsoft's Preferred
Control Panel Vendor

A Unified Solution for Microsoft Partners to Automate Service Delivery and Billing
Microsoft Direct CSPs

Microsoft Direct CSPs

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Microsoft Indirect Providers

Microsoft Indirect Providers

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"RackNap updates brokerage platform for multi-cloud service delivery."
How to achieve consistent growth in your Microsoft CSP business

RackNap to
automate your business

Get the power of seamless automation and powerful management to deliver cloud/non-cloud services.

RackNap enables you to sell cloud and
subscription-based services on automation

Traditional IT Services
Dedicated servers
SSL certificates
Cloud/Non-cloud Services
Office 365
Google Workspace
IBM Cloud
ISV Apps
One time paid services

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Accelerate your
Subscription-based Cloud Business

RackNap offers all the features you need to manage multiple aspects of your subscription-based cloud business and automate billing and provisioning.
Online Marketplace

Showcase all your products and services on your online marketplace where customers can place direct orders and make payment while ordering.

Billing and Provisioning

Automate service provisioning, use multiple billing models (prepaid, post-paid, recurring, one-time) and manage subscription billing renewals.

Customer Support

Manage support tickets, auto-assign them to best representative and keep track of all support issues and metrics from a single support dashboard.

Customer Self-service

Enable your customers to manage their relationship with you. They can check the billing and manage the services they are consuming.

Designed to automate and
Accelerate your cloud business.

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