Microsoft Azure cloud provisioning, billing, and management for Microsoft CSPs

RackNap enables Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP Partners) to sell Microsoft Azure with complete API automation, including provisioning, billing, and implementation of the Azure cloud; pay per use billing; and control in customers' hands with ability to upgrade/downgrade resources from a single panel.

  • CSP partners can sell Microsoft Azure cloud solutions with complete service orchestration, provisioning, and billing automation.
  • They can enable their customers to upgrade, downgrade, start, stop, and pause resources in one click. They can have Azure cloud specifications and real-time resource consumption details visible in customer's client panel.
  • With Azure billing API integration with RackNap, Microsoft CSP partners can bill Azure cloud on pay-per-use model, suspend or terminate resources in case of payment failure.

Empowering Microsoft CSPs with end-to-end
automation & management of Azure Cloud services

Microsoft CSPs can accelerate their time to market and provide Azure cloud services seamlessly with complete service orchestration, provisioning and pay-as-you-go billing. With Azure API automation, easily administer azure services and give customer control to upgrade or downgrade his resources.

Provision and deliver Microsoft Azure services with end to end automation.

RackNap comes integrated with Azure API, which provides seamless Microsoft Azure service delivery and provisioning automation. The marketplace has Azure Cloud plans readily integrated with backend. Once the order is placed, cloud provisioning and delivery begins automatically.

RackNap integrated Microsoft Azure API automation enables below functionality.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud plans and their pricing is integrated at the marketplace through RackNap's backend.
  • Customer places the order for Azure Cloud services.
  • Customer's payment gets processed via Azure billing automation, while Azure cloud provisioning is automatically initiated at the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Within few seconds, the customer's VM gets created on the Microsoft portal.
  • Customer can log in his RackNap member panel to view his VM details, allocated IP, billing details, Microsoft account's ID and password.
  • Through Server Control Center in his member panel, the customer can start, stop or terminate his running VM. The changes get automatically updated in his Microsoft account.
  • With Microsoft ID and password, customer can access his Microsoft panel to view the VM size, OS, location and other service details.
  • Service provider can also sell Azure VM reserved instances (RI) on multi-year billing model.

Azure cloud management by customers: upgrade, downgrade resources and start, stop, terminate virtual machine

With RackNap, the customer is self-sufficient as he gets transparency into all aspects and complete control on his Azure Cloud.

  • From within the RackNap client panel, the customer can view his service and billing details, including allocated resources and their current usage.
  • From 'Server Control Center' in the client panel, he can 'stop' or 'restart' his VM, with automatic updation of service status on the Microsoft portal in the real time.
  • Customer can use the client panel's 'Upgrade Center' to change his billing cycle as per his needs.
  • If the customer doesn't make the payment timely, admin too can suspend the services and unsuspend services, once the payment is made.

Automated pay-as-you-go billing

RackNap's flexible billing module is so functionally robust that it can be used for billing both managed and unmanaged clouds on both - prepaid or postpaid models, depending upon how a service provider is billing his customers.

  • RackNap automatically calculates the payment based on pay-as-you-go billing.
  • Define bandwidth and resource consumption thresholds, and have notifications sent to customer automatically in case limit exceeds.
  • Have RackNap auto-bill the customer in case of resource over-consumption, and invoice generated and sent to the customer.
  • Also, have services 'suspended' or 'terminated' in case of payment failure via RackNap's CRON, with Azure billing API automation.
  • Have complete flexibility in your hands – bill customer on pre-paid or post-paid model. Have options – multiple pricing structures, discounts, currencies, and taxation levels.
  • Supports adding of credit limits for your customers to ensure that they don’t exceed the expected/planned budgets.
  • Supports Microsoft’s new commerce model.
  • Supports active bundling capacity to combine Azure with other products/services.

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