Start selling cloud and automate your B2B marketplace management with RackNap

Sell cloud, overcome billing challenges, onboard sellers with automation, and increase ARPU

Become a Cloud Service Provider - Cross-sell and Upsell to improve profitability

Automate order management

  • Manage product catalog

    Managing multiple products and services catalog can be complex. But not when it is powered by a cloud marketplace. Add, remove, and update catalogs seamlessly.

  • Automate order placement

    Cut order placement and fulfillment time by 2x with the help of automation. Get pre-filled forms and payment gateways’ integration with multiple currency support.

  • Scale offerings, cross-sell and upsell as needed

    Go from 10 product listing to 1000 within a few minutes. Let your sellers create profiles and manage their accounts with complete automation. Generate new revenue stream from existing customers by upselling and cross-selling them your services.

Best Invoicing Software For Small Business
B2B Billing software

Give control to your customers with self-service

  • Self-manage services for customers

    With a self-managed customer panel, your customers can raise support tickets, add a new product or service on the marketplace, remove a product, and do much more.

  • Complete billing and account history

    Provide customers with complete information regarding their account like product/service information, billing history, orders, etc. through one single panel.

  • Upsell/Cross-sell services to your existing customers

    Generate revenue from existing customers by upselling and cross-selling new services by recommending them within the panel or by communicating new plans and special discounts via notifications.

Automate billing and invoicing

  • Multiple payment gateway support

    Experience is the key to success in B2B billing. Let your customers pay the way they want – as RackNap supports all major payment gateways.

  • Bring your monetization streams together

    Combine disparate revenue points – into a single workflow. Cut down costs and fill billing gaps. Integrate all your data, customers, and suppliers into one – and increase your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

  • Automate invoicing

    RackNap is the best invoicing software for small business and B2B marketplace. It provides automated invoicing for B2B billing. It can also help in record keeping and auditing.

Automate billing and invoicing

RackNap is “Microsoft Preferred Solution”
at Azure Marketplace

Does RackNap improve my business profitability?

35% *

Revenue Growth (Average Revenue per partners)

Automated orders with cross-selling and up-selling capability.


Operational Cost Reduction

Reduced manual processes and manpower saving.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Strong support capabilities with control in customers’ hands.


Global End Users

Users across 6 continents trust us as we have everything ready.

*Source: Case studies of Technova, Reliance Infosystems, STS

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