Subscription Management for Retailers

Unlock retail success and increase revenue in the XaaS age without worrying about the complexities of subscription billing management

Boost profits, and simplify operations with Smart Subscription Billing

Fuel your retail success with automated billing

  • Transform extended warranties into monthly subscriptions

    Provide your customers with cost-effective and convenient options to buy extended warranties as monthly subscriptions while boosting the revenue streams for your business.

  • Set multiple plans

    Offer versatile subscription options to your customers with RackNap. You can configure monthly and yearly billing plans effortlessly and within a few minutes.

  • Increase revenue with upselling

    Maximize customer value by offering upsell options such as add-ons, upgrades, and bundling your existing appliances and IT products, all seamlessly integrated into your subscription billing workflow.

Fuel your retail success with automated billing
Seamlessly expand your product portfolio

Seamlessly expand your product portfolio

  • Quick onboarding

    Add new products to your existing portfolio with RackNap’s streamlined onboarding system, allowing you to quickly and efficiently integrate a diverse range of offerings.

  • Partner enablement

    Empower your partners by leveraging RackNap's platform to onboard and showcase their products within your ecosystem, fostering collaboration and expanding your product range through mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Extensive product catalog

    Gain access to ready-to-sell products from our marketplace, enabling you to diversify your offerings and meet the varying demands of your customers with digital, physical, or hybrid products.

Seamlessly Integrate Physical and Digital Channels with RackNap

  • Unified channel integration

    RackNap enables the unification of physical and digital channels, providing a seamless experience for both B2B and B2C customers, and bridging the gap between online and offline sales.

  • Efficient catalog distribution

    With RackNap, effortlessly distribute and manage your catalog across multiple brands and geographies, ensuring consistency and maximizing reach across diverse markets.

  • Partner Network Expansion

    Create and nurture your own network of partners and resellers through RackNap, leveraging their expertise and reach to amplify your product offerings and increase market penetration.

Seamlessly Integrate Physical and Digital Channels with RackNap

Enable subscription businesses globally

Does RackNap improve my business profitability?

35% *

Revenue Growth (Average Revenue per partners)

Automated orders with cross-selling and up-selling capability.


Operational Cost Reduction

Reduced manual processes and manpower saving.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Strong support capabilities with control in customers’ hands.


Global End Users

Users across 6 continents trust us as we have everything ready.

*Source: Case studies of Technova, Reliance Infosystems, STS

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