AWS Cloud provisioning, delivery and Plesk panel automation platform for cloud service providers

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  • Gartner Research positions Amazon Web Services in the Leaders Quadrant of the new Magic Quadrant Operational Database Management Systems. – October 2016, Gartner.
  • Gartner Research positions Amazon Web Services in the Leaders Quadrant of the new Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide. -August 2016, Gartner.
  • Gartner Research positions Amazon Web Services in the Leaders Quadrant of the new Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services. – July 2016, Gartner.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a diverse cloud services portfolio that can be used to develop a wide range of IoT applications. Thanks to a customer driven market understanding and a high speed of innovation deriving from the public cloud market, AWS is also top-notch in the market for IoT backend providers. Currently AWS is regarded as the company with the most attractive IoT backend portfolio. – March 2016, Crisp Research.

The above statistics are proof enough that the progress of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the leading cloud services platform, is showing no signs of slowing down. One of the main reasons of this growth being that this cloud juggernaut has a wide range of cloud offerings for everyone, whether you are a web developer, start-up or a leading global enterprise, you can get a reliable, flexible and scalable cloud solution from AWS, irrespective of your business size.

AWS – An Introduction

“AWS is synonymous with cloud computing. AWS popularized the scalable pay-as-you-go model that has become the foundation of as-a-service technologies. Since its beginning, AWS has been an innovator, the first to introduce new solutions and industrywide price reductions.” – November 2015, IDC MarketScape.

Amazon Web Services is a secure platform that aids businesses to scale applications with reduced IT costs as they grow, by offering a number of cloud computing services, including global compute power, deployment services, database storage, analytics, content delivery and more. Its wide product portfolio ensures that any possible needs of its end costumers are fulfilled.


Plesk Control Panel – An Introduction

Plesk is an easy to use, powerful platform for building, securing and running sites and apps in the Cloud.

Its intuitive interface with code ready environment allows you to create cloud based web applications and websites, that it secures automatically, thus, saving your precious time with automation of all tasks related to the server.

Plesk comes with multi-server management, integrated support for Docker, Github, and provides code ready environment for Ruby on rails, PHP, Node.js, Python, and more.


Why is there a need for automation today?

The cloud-based services are delivered on a subscription basis – both postpaid and pre-paid models, unlike other traditional business models.

Thus, for delivering cloud-based services, the first and most important need for any cloud service provider is automation with which he can manage all aspects of his business from service delivery to complete product lifecycle, including marketing and sales, billing and pricing, inventory and assets, support and CRM, partner management, Business Intelligence and more.

Also, it should be a single cloud automation software as multiple cloud management platforms lead to a rise in CAPEX and OPEX along with management hassles. With a single automation platform, cloud service providers can decrease the overhead costs incurred through resources and infrastructure.

With amazon web services automation, system administrators are able to manage the infrastructure better in less time and without errors. Also, EC2 automation provides customers with better control of their services.

RackNap – automating AWS cloud server provisioning, delivery and management.

RackNap – a unified cloud service delivery and business automation platform enables end to end AWS automation for provisioning and deployment of cloud servers. RackNap also provides control and self-sufficiency to the end customers over their services by providing them with a dedicated client panel.

Below is a video that shows how RackNap enables cloud service providers to provision and deliver AWS cloud services with complete automation, along with Plesk license key.

  • PROVISIONING AND DELIVERY OF AWS CLOUD SERVER WITH COMPLETE AUTOMATIONAmazon API integration with RackNap enables automated cloud provisioning and delivery. The partner website has AWS plans integrated with the RackNap backend.
    • Customer’s payment is processed within seconds via RackNap’s cloud billing automation.
    • The end customers get to see all their service details, along with the Plesk panel login details in the client panel itself. And, they can directly log into their Plesk control panel from here.
    • Through Server Control Center in the client panel, a customer can ‘Start’ or ‘Stop’ his AWS cloud server.
    • Everything done via client panel is updated in the AWS portal in real time.
  • POWER IN THE HANDS OF SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS & CLOUD BILLING AUTOMATIONRackNap admin panel is the powerhouse of functionalities for the system administrators via which they can see the customer’s AWS cloud details and manage it too. RackNap’s cloud billing automation can manage both pre-paid and post-paid customers. It is functionally robust enough to handle all complexities of cloud billing – it has over-consumption billing functionality that involves automated reminders and invoice generation for over usage.
    • In case of non-payment, the cloud server gets terminated automatically. But system administrators also get the manual control to suspend/unsuspend the AWS cloud.
    • Automated management of pay-per-usage cloud billing via RackNap.
    • AWS cloud termination in case of payment failure leads to automatic termination of Plesk license key. The due amount calculation and invoice generation is completely automated in this case.

    Click here to know more about RackNap’s cloud billing capabilities in detail.

    Read this blog to understand how RackNap can automate and manage your cloud services’ billing accounting.

  • COMPLETE AUTOMATION OF PLESK PANEL DEPLOYMENT & TERMINATION WITH AWS CLOUD Automated issuance and termination of the Plesk panel with AWS deployment automation and termination minimize the hassles associated with manual management of the Plesk license, thus saving considerable costs.
    • With AWS automated deployment, the Plesk license key is also issued automatically.
    • Whether server gets terminated automatically or is done manually by the administrator, the termination of Plesk license key is completely automated.

For more details and to see how RackNap automates AWS cloud delivery, go to RackNap for AWS Cloud Service Delivery and Plesk Panel Automation.

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