Transform your AWS Cloud service delivery

  • Rapidly deliver AWS Cloud solutions
  • Quickly adapt to customers’ ever-changing expectations
  • Sell, provision, and bill independently, timely and cost-efficiently

Get started with AWS-a fully Custom Branded Marketplace

Automate provisioning and delivery of AWS cloud order placement from marketplace
Automate provisioning and delivery of AWS cloud order placement from marketplace.
Provide your customers 100% control of their resources
Provide your customers 100% control of their resources.
Automate suspension or termination of licenses in case of non-payment
Automate suspension or termination of licenses in case of non-payment.

Your AWS Cloud
Automation Begins Here

Deliver Value Sooner
Manage AWS Cloud ordering via the marketplace and automate order provisioning. Customers and administrators can place orders easily through the white-labelled marketplace.
Automate Billing
Create customized invoices based on usage via templates quickly. Include country wise taxes, one-time charges, or discounts. Automate renewals based on pay-as-you-go model.
Manage Subscriptions
Set threshold limits on usage, send alerts, suspend/terminate based on AWS Cloud resource usage. Track payments and renewals. Get consolidated usage reports – customer/partner wise or date wise.
Get Business Insights
Get deeper insights into your AWS Cloud business. Get reconciliation report between RackNap data and AWS data and get visibility into differences. Get Business Intelligence reports for management review.

Amplify your AWS business growth
possibilities with RackNap

  • Subscription and Customer Management
  • Provisioning, Billing and Invoicing
  • Reporting and Analytics
Here’s how RackNap adds value to your business

  • It makes your invoicing process flexible, regardless of your billing scenario, subscription or billing model your customers choose.
  • It can handle the backend processes for multiple products or services, including ordering, provisioning, billing, sales, marketing, BI and more.
  • It provides complete visibility into AWS Cloud subscriptions to improve analytics and decision making so that you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • It offers a custom solution that is tailor-made to your business needs which helps you grow your business under a fixed/pay-as-you-go subscription term.

When our customers grow, we grow.

with the introduction of RackNap, our partners were empowered with the right business tools to manage their business better. The billing automation and simplicity in customer management has improved partner satisfaction which led to increase in average revenue per partner by 35%.
Chi Tran Director

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