Sell Cloud Services,
Your Way

One place for your customers to discover and purchase cloud services.

With RackNap, you can sell anything and everything to your customers, with complete integration of marketplace from backend for automated provisioning and delivery of services.

  • Sell public cloud and services from providers like Microsoft, Amazon, SoftLayer etc. with complete API integration.
  • Sell public, private and hybrid cloud on your own infrastructure with complete virtualization support for automation.
  • Sell dedicated servers, virtual private servers, web hosting, domains, SSL certificates etc. on your infrastructure or third-party providers'.
  • With RackNap backend integrated marketplace, auto-update details like pricing, plan configurations, discounts etc. in one click.
  • Create and sell 'Product Bundles' with combinations of multiple products and set customized discounted pricing if multiple products are purchased together.
  • Cross-sell addons in order process with pre-defined logics.
  • Have user forms of marketplace synced with RackNap backend and have entries auto-logged.
  • Have marketplace and backend auto-synced with leading LiveChat software for better customer relationship management.
  • Multiple leading payment gateway integration with RackNap and marketplace.
  • Partner compatible marketplace with auto-updation of prices for partners eligible to purchase services at discounted prices.

Price Your Services the
Way You Want

Create multiple pricing plans best suiting your customers & business needs.
RackNap gives you complete flexibility to price your services the way you want and deliver them with complete automation. So, be it free trial models with limited trial period, recurring renewal services, pay-per-usage services, or contract based services, we have you covered!

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