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How can cloud distributors manage resellers effectively using the right reseller management tools?

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As a CXO, CIO, or an entrepreneur in the cloud business, you know that you are empowered to provide cloud to transform the businesses. But without the right tools in place, it can be difficult to keep track of all the billing, invoicing, service delivery of different cloud solutions. This can lead to missed opportunities and decreased sales. In this blog post, we’ll explore how cloud distributors can use the right tools to proactively manage their resellers to deliver better customer experiences. 

Should distributors use reseller management tools? 

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and new Software as a Service (SaaS) companies often team up with the largest public cloud vendors, but some feel they don’t receive enough support. Companies who are new to the cloud may require support in many areas like 

  • building well architectured solutions 
  • offering professional services support 
  • delivering proactive technical support 
  • collaborative selling or co-selling 
  • increasing product visibility and more.  

Thus, to fulfil their technical, marketing, operations, sales, and business growth needs, companies choose to work with distributors who can help them go to market more successfully than big vendors and allow them to grow revenue through a range of distribution channels. 

But with many companies moving to selling cloud services to drive profits, it can be hard for IT distributors to manage all their resellers and associated business operations at one place.  

Partner enablement

As per an article by Deloitte, 70% of partners found the onboarding processes tiresome with too many steps and wished the process was streamlined. As more and more companies are now venturing into the business of reselling IT services, distributors need to optimize the performance and visibility of their reseller networks.  

An effective reseller management tool will help simplify the onboarding process for resellers and will help distributors to manage the lifecycle of resellers at one place. Thus, choosing the right reseller management tool can help distributors effectively manage a growing reseller network and their customer demands.  

RackNap for distributors 

RackNap for business

RackNap helps distributors empower their reseller network to provision, bill and deliver cloud solutions to the end consumers. It is a platform for distributors to resell cloud solutions and easily onboard partners. With it, distributors can: 

Register multiple partner types 

  • Simple Onboarding: Easy partner registration, be it invite-only programs or open self-registration. Simple approval and onboarding mechanisms. 
  • Partners of your choice: RackNap supports both- Commission-based referral partners or Discount-based reseller partners. 
  • Define Workflows: Create commission and discount slabs, define threshold period and lock-in period, assign special discounts and privileges, and more. 

Power in partner’s hands 

  • Complete White-labelling: Provide a ready-made, white-labelled marketplace to partners. Your partners get RackNap admin panel to manage their customers, while the customers get white-labelled customer panel. 
  • Strong Partner Enablement: With training resources and marketing collateral ready in their panel, your partners are ready to go in the world and sell. 
  • Complete Control: Partners can manage their customers – upgrade/downgrade existing products, add new ones, provide white-labelled support, etc. They can also do “Lead Lock” – once a lead is locked by one partner, it cannot be worked on by others. 

racknap for distributors

Measure partner channel impact 

  • Identify top partners: Identify top performing partners based on – new sign-ups, number of products sold, revenue, number of leads provided, etc. 
  • Reward good performance: Grant special discount and privileges to top performing partners straight from the panel. 
  • Intelligent Projection: Basis leads generated and past performance, project upcoming revenue from partners at click-of-a-button. 

RackNap empowers not only the distributors but also their partners to deliver, provision and manage the cloud solutions while providing a great customer experience. 

With more people getting into the IT reselling business, IT distributors need the right tools in place to manage their resellers and deliver better customer experiences.  RackNap is a powerful and comprehensive reseller management tool that can help you do just that. It not only manages the reseller partners but also helps partners manage their end customers with its multi-tier partner management capabilities.  

To see how RackNap is delivering seamless reseller management for distributors, book a demo or contact the RackNap team today. 

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