Cloud and Web Hosting Automation Platform for Plesk partners

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Cloud and Web Hosting Automation Platform for Plesk partners

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As usual, it was an expected hectic beginning of the week in the office today. Back at home now, with the TV’s remote control in my hands, my mind is wondering, “How to manage all this – the upcoming assignment in office, today’s menu for the dinner at home and my kiddo’s homework, which in itself is a mighty task for today’s moms.

How I wish I could have a remote control set for most of the things, if not all. 🙂

Managing everything with a remote control may sound a fairy tale dream. But having automated control on your cloud and webhosting business via a single platform isn’t! Let’s see how.

Plesk – An introduction

Plesk is the most robust and easy to use platform for individuals to manage their website, and for system administrators to sell web hosting and reseller hosting, and manage web servers through a web based interface.

Plesk’s ease of usage and flexibility makes it the most preferred tool by everyone – a single website owner; a web host who runs thousands of customers; a developer; and an infrastructure provider. Around 300,000+ servers round the globe are currently installed with Plesk, and 10 million+ websites and over 15 million mail boxes and applications run on Plesk.

Plesk panel automation

Why is there a need for Plesk cloud and web hosting automation?

Everything can be made easier and error free with automation now-a-days. Same is true for your web hosting and cloud business.

You might start small, with running a few websites for your end clients, and selling a couple of web hosting accounts. But when your web hosting company scales, it becomes nearly impossible for you to manage each server separately. You would want to automate the tasks that require manual intervention, and centralize the server management. Plesk cloud and web hosting automation to the rescue!

Automation reduces the load on your resources as there is centralized management, administration and delivery of services, which proves very cost-effective in the long-run. With a good Plesk automation platform, you can ease your load, and focus more on important things like future strategies and ways to increase your revenue.

What are the things that you need in Plesk panel automation?

  • A good Plesk Panel automation platform would be one with which you can:

    • Create hosting plans and pricing through the backend.

    • Showcase these plans and more on your website, for customers to place their order.

    • Automate Plesk panel provisioning along with customer’s web hosting account.

    • Deliver Plesk panel information (such as user name and password) directly in the customer’s member panel along with his web hosting account details.

    • Enable customer to access, and log into their Plesk panel directly from their member panel.

  • Plesk web hosting and reseller hosting billing automation, end-to-end: Provisioning Plesk panel for the same billing period on which the web hosting or reseller hosting is purchased, auto-suspension of Plesk panel should the customer not renew the service in time, and auto-restoration of Plesk panel if customer renews the service in the grace period – your automation platform must have the billing capability to manage it all!

  • Manual administration, and Plesk panel management, in your hands: You as a service provider should be able to manually suspend, unsuspend, or terminate customer’s web hosting or reseller hosting service, as well as his Plesk panel at the click of a button. Customer’s access to Plesk panel should be revoked if his service is suspended.


How does RackNap enable Plesk automation?

RackNap – a unified cloud service delivery and subscription billing  platform, helps you do all the above. It enables you to sell services on your own infrastructure, as well as via third party providers, like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM – Softlayer, and many more.

RackNap comes integrated with Plesk API, and helps hosting providers in:

  • Selling web hosting to their clients.

  • Managing service billing with Plesk panel.

  • Automating Plesk provisioning and delivery.

  • Manually administering customer’s web hosting and reseller hosting, and Plesk panel access.


Just like your television’s remote control, RackNap helps you have control and manage all aspects associated with your cloud and webhosting business– sales and marketing, CRM and support, billing, inventory and assets, partner management and business intelligence- all at one place.

For more information, please visit: http://www.racknap.com/racknap-for-plesk-automation

Do you have any questions or queries related to the write-up? Simply write them in the comments section below and I’d be more than happy to answer them.

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