Announcing New RackNap UI – To Be Released in Q4 2017

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We at RackNap are excited to announce a new user interface (UI) update in the upcoming quarter. In our never-ending quest for perfection, we are making some important changes in RackNap’s UI and features.

The new user interface (UI), to be launched in Q4 2017, will have some new visual features that will make RackNap’s interface visually more appealing, easier to navigate and will provide instant view of key information. The new UI changes will be user-friendly and with little time investment, the user shall be able to adjust pretty quickly.

This new UI is aimed to enable RackNap users get clutter-free and seamless experience with the interface and make the exploring and navigating much easier. We have redesigned the BI dashboards, Customer summary panel, Order tracking panel, Ticket dashboard, Inventory dashboard, and more to improve usability and efficiency.

Below are the few glimpses of what’s new in it.

The Main Dashboard

The new user interface should enable easier usage and comprehension of the reports and metrics within the Business Analytics (BI) dashboard. Detailed reports and improved clarity of graphs allow users to explore and discover new insights.

Customer Summary Panel

The screen shot below is a view of what a sample Customer Summary page will look like in the new RackNap UI.

Order Details Panel

Ticket Dashboard

Inventory Edit Panel

Support Dashboard

Ticket Escalation Matrix

Finally, here is one more screenshot of the new RackNap UI.

Payment Gateway Activation

Now that you know what changes are going to be there, why not make a few suggestions now, so that we can make things all the more easier, while we are at it. So, please do let us know your feedback via the comments section.

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