Automated Microsoft Office 365 Provisioning and Management

RackNap empowers Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) to completely automate the lifecycle of selling Microsoft Office 365 – plan and pricing configuration, provisioning, delivery, billing, upgrade/downgrade, and management- with zero manual intervention.

  • Sell Microsoft Office 365 plans in few clicks & on pay-per-use billing.
  • Customers can renew, upgrade/downgrade licenses in one click & also switch between Office 365 plans.
  • System admins can view Microsoft portal and client accounts at a single place, and can control all Office 365 licenses.
  • Enable customers to buy add-ons. Also, cross-sell and up-sell with other products.

The most end-to-end Automation and Management
Platform of Office 365

Create and manage Office 365 plans, automate service provisioning delivery and billing, give control in your customer's hands, and administer customer's Office 365 licenses with ease.

Provision Microsoft Office 365 plans with end to end automation.

Office 365 API integration with RackNap enables seamless Office 365 billing and provisioning automation. Office 365 account provisioning and delivery initiates as soon as the client places the order on the marketplace.

Here is how the RackNap integrated Office 365 API enables automation:

  • Plans and their pricing is integrated at the marketplace via RackNap backend.
  • Customer places the order for the Office 365 plan.
  • Office 365 billing automation processes customer's payment, and Office 365 account provisioning begins automatically at the Microsoft portal.
  • Within few seconds, the customer gets registered on the Microsoft portal.
  • Customer can log in his RackNap member panel to view Office 365 licenses, billing details, and his Microsoft ID and password.
  • Using the Microsoft ID and password, customer can login to his Microsoft panel to view his Office 365 licenses.
  • Service provider can see customer's Office 365 licenses and respective details at the backend.

Office 365 licenses management by customers: Upgrade, Downgrade, Plans change, Renewal, and Termination

With RackNap, customer has complete control over, and manage his Office 365 licenses with ease.

  • From the RackNap client panel's 'Upgrade center', customer can upgrade/downgrade his licenses and increase/decrease their number to as many as he wants.
  • RackNap automatically calculates the payment to be made on pro-rata basis. The payment is processed and customer's licenses are upgraded with Office 365 billing automation.
  • Customer can switch, and change his Office 365 plans in the same way, and the billing amount is adjusted accordingly.
  • At RackNap client panel's 'Renewal center', at the end of billing period, customer can choose to renew his licenses at a single click.
  • If the customer doesn't renew the licenses timely, they are suspended automatically.
  • Using the Microsoft ID and password, customer can login to his Microsoft panel to view his Office 365 licenses.

Manage and administer customer's Office 365 licenses

RackNap's admin panel enables service providers with a single view dashboard through which they can manage the customer services, billing, support, communication and more. From this admin panel

  • Admin can directly check the customer's Office 365 order, see his details, services, orders, invoices for instant action and support.
  • Admin can choose to suspend, unsuspend, and terminate customer's Office 365 licenses at the click of a button.
  • The suspension or termination of licenses is immediately processed and reflected at Microsoft panel and customer's member panel.
  • At the end of billing period, have customer's Office 365 licenses renewed or terminated automatically with Office 365 billing automation.
  • In case of timely renewal by customer, have Office 365 licenses continued.
  • In case of non-payment by the customer, the Office 365 licenses are auto-terminated through RackNap's CRON, and Office 365 API integration.

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