Order Management and Automation

Meet your subscribers’ orders in real time

Order management platform built and tested for Anything as a Service

Automate your order management

  • Streamline service catalog

    When you have multiple products, management is complex. From start to finish, manage all forms of subscription orders.

  • Manage status real time

    System captures changes in the order status (renew, pause or upgrade) in real time and automatically updates status at all places.

  • Be agile, scale offerings

    Be agile when revising or launching subscriptions. Create multiple variations without reinventing the wheel.

Automate your order management
Forecast demand ahead of time

Forecast demand ahead of time

  • Track and manage at one place

    Get regular reports and real-time visibility into total, pending, paid, and unpaid orders.

  • Be in the know everytime

    Get real-time visibility into sales order trends to improve forecasting and stay ahead of the competitors.

  • Easily cross-sell and upsell

    Show status of an order in real-time to all teams to enhance upsell, cross-sell and customer satisfaction.

Power in your hands

  • Sell anything, any way

    Extensible platform manages add-ons, product bundles, taxation, payment gateways, flexible billing frequencies, currencies and more.

  • Unlock new earning opportunities

    Launch new plans, devise different pricing strategies quickly and with minimum efforts.

  • Reduce time and effort

    Keep your products and services organized with minimal efforts from your side. Let the platform manage the complicacies!

Power in your hands

Complete Order Management and Automation for Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Acronis, and AWS.


Does RackNap improve my business profitability?

35% *

Revenue Growth (Average Revenue per partners)

Automated orders with cross-selling and up-selling capability.


Operational Cost Reduction

Reduced manual processes and manpower saving.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Strong support capabilities with control in customers’ hands.


Global End Users

Users across 6 continents trust us as we have everything ready.

*Source: Case studies of Technova, Reliance Infosystems, STS

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