Multi-tier Partner Channel Management

Leverage your partner network to drive in more sales. RackNap automates the entire partner lifecycle, and helps you manage multiple partner channels – on discount or commission basis, on multi-tier model, i.e. your partner can leverage RackNap too to manage and sell to his customers.

Create Multiple Partner Types – Discount Based or
Commission Based, 1 - Tier or 2 – Tier

Maximize your revenue with indirect sales channels.

RackNap's partner management module empowers you to create and manage any number of partner channels to sell your services. It's flexible and advanced enough to handle the complexity of any type of partner model – discount based or commission based, 1 tier or 2 tier.

Commission based

Commission based partner programs, generally known in the industry as 'Affiliate' or 'Advisory' programs are where your partner refers your services and gets a commission if the sale happens.

Partner has no other role than this and customer relationship post-sale is handled via you. RackNap supports complete automation of such partner programs; from associating a sale with the relevant partner, to automatically releasing commission to the partner.

Discount based (2-tier)

Discount based partner programs, generally known in the industry as 'Reseller' or 'Transfer Price' program, are where your partner white-labels your services, sells them and owns the complete post-sales relationship with the customer.

RackNap gives you the ability to empower your partner with an admin panel (which he can use to maintain product, billing and support relationship with you) and a client panel (which his customers can use to maintain relationship with him). This means your partner can use RackNap similarly like you, enabling him to sell much better.

  • Create multiple partner types.
  • Define commissions and discount slabs for each product, for different billing cycles.
  • Do other settings like threshold period and lock-in period for partners.
  • Register partners. Add your existing customers as partners in one click too.
  • Define partner type – commission based or discount based.
  • Assign special discounts or commissions and privileges to your partners.
  • Create fully customizable workflow rules and features.

Give Power in the Hands of
Your Partners

Relevant data at your partner's fingertips.

RackNap gives complete visibility and control in the hands of your partners. They can see their commissions, products sold, current slab, request special discount, manage end customers, handle support, place an order for their customers and do a lot more.

  • Your partners can access complete billing information - ledger, sales, commissions, discount, revenue and payout dates.
  • Your partners can ask for special privileges, like, extra commission or special discount at click of a button.
  • Your partners can handle their end customers via their panel – manage support, see billing information, place order on behalf of customer etc.
  • Your partners can avail white-label support, i.e. your support representative can assist your partner's end customer via automatic ticket and email routing.
  • Your partners can access sales and marketing resources to sell better – PPTs, mails, PDFs, datasheets, videos etc.
  • Your partners can perform 'Lead lock'. If one partner registers a lead, it is locked and cannot be worked on by other partners.

Solid Reporting – Complete Insight into
Partner Activities

Solid reporting - because information is empowering.

With RackNap's admin panel, track your partners' activities and their performance in real time.

  • See all products sold and revenue earned via your partners.
  • Extract and evaluate your partners' performance by applying various filters and parameters.
  • Identify top performing partners based on – new sign-ups, number of products sold, revenue, number of leads provided etc.
  • Grant special discount and privileges to top performing partners straight from the panel.

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