Partner Management and Automation

Empower your partners to increase revenue

Partner Automation Platform Built for Cloud Providers

Register multiple partner types

  • Simple Onboarding

    Easy partner registration: be it invite-only programs or open self-registration. Simple approval and onboarding mechanisms.

  • Partners of your choice

    RackNap supports both: Commission-based referral partners or Discount-based reseller partners.

  • Define Workflows

    Create commission and discount slabs, define threshold period and lock-in period, assign special discounts and privileges, and more.

Register multiple partner types
Power in partner’s hands

Power in partner’s hands

  • Complete White-labelling

    Provide a ready-made, white-labelled marketplace to partners. Your partners get RackNap admin panel to manage their customers, while the customers get white-labelled customer panel.

  • Strong Partner Enablement

    With training resources and marketing collateral ready in their panel, your partners are ready to go in the world and sell.

  • Complete Control

    Partners can manage their customers – upgrade/downgrade existing products, add new ones, provide white-labelled support, etc. They can also do “Lead Lock” – once a lead is locked by one partner, it cannot be worked on by others.

Measure partner channel impact

  • Identify top partners

    Identify top performing partners based on – new sign-ups, number of products sold, revenue, number of leads provided, etc.

  • Reward good performance

    Grant special discount and privileges to top performing partners straight from the panel.

  • Intelligent Projection

    Basis leads generated and past performance, project upcoming revenue from partners at click-of-a-button.

Measure partner channel impact

Complete Partner Management and Automation for Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Acronis, and AWS.


Does RackNap improve my business profitability?

35% *

Revenue Growth (Average Revenue per partners)

Automated orders with cross-selling and up-selling capability.


Operational Cost Reduction

Reduced manual processes and manpower saving.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Strong support capabilities with control in customers’ hands.


Global End Users

Users across 6 continents trust us as we have everything ready.

*Source: Case studies of Technova, Reliance Infosystems, STS

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