RackNap Customer Panel

RackNap's powerful customer panel gives your customers complete control with a single point of access to see all their information and manage services. You also get the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams by cross-selling and upselling to your existing customer base.

All Prominent Information,
at a Single Place

Because information is empowering
With RackNap's customer panel, all relevant information is always at your client's disposal in a single click.
  • Most important dashboards related to services, support and billing, with important notifications are visible to your customers at the login itself.
  • Most frequently used information like services due for renewal, current balance and open tickets etc. available on the dashboards.
  • Active/ suspended/ terminated services and services due for renewal, along with their respective details are visible to your customers in a single view.
  • Your customers get quick action links related to services, like opening a support ticket, renewing a service, upgrading/downgrading and adding add-ons.
  • Your customers get quick access to support information- knowledgebase, announcements, tickets, email logs, quick link to create ticket and more.
  • Your customers get quick access to billing information- ledgers, orders, invoices, their logs and quick links for placing orders, adding funds and more.
  • Your clients can access complete history of their financial transactions through billing archives - including orders, invoices, receipts and ledgers.
  • Your clients get access to complete support communication logs - including emails, chats and tickets through a single click in support dashboard.
  • Your clients are more secure with multi-factor authentication in customer control panel.

Keep Your Customers Informed,
Give Them Better Control

Enable self-serve, spend less time providing support for basic issues.
Give more control in the hands of your customers and enable them to help themselves with basic issues.
  • While creating a support ticket, RackNap customer panel gives suggested answers and solutions to customer automatically from knowledgebase, and helps him resolve the issue himself rather than having to contact you.
  • Keep you customers informed about ongoing service issues and maintenances by showing announcements and maintenance notices directly in the 'Announcements' sections. Have an announcement automatically taken off once the issue is resolved, in a single click from admin side.
  • In 'Service Control Center', customer gets the ability to monitor his services' status and do the basic functions and settings related to service himself.
  • Customer can renew his service, add funds to his account, upgrade/downgrade service plan, change billing cycle, avail add-ons and much more himself without having to contact your support department.
  • Customer can create sub-users under his account and control what they see in member panel and the actions they have authority to perform with role-based access rules.
  • Customer can edit his personal details like name, address, contact number etc. easily and also edit billing information like credit card number etc.
  • For customers who're your partners too, RackNap customer panel serves as a partner panel with all relevant information too, thereby eliminating the need of having two separate panels, as a partner and as a customer.

Cross-sell and Up-sell, Generate Additional
Revenue Stream from Existing Customers

Because who doesn't love automated sales

RackNap helps you generate additional revenue from existing customers by having customer panel serve as a platform for you to display 'Recommended Services' to a customer, based on his existing services.

Show add-ons related to a particular service in the 'My Services' section, and also encourage the customer to upgrade his billing cycle or upgrade his service configuration by showing the extra value added services he gets for free by making the upgrade.

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