Cloud Services

Billing and Pricing Management

RackNap gives you complete cloud billing flexibility – flexibility to create product and pricing plans the way you want, and flexibility to your customers to purchase services on their terms. It's built on 3 key tenets:

Complete compliance   |   Zero error   |   Automation

Manage Cloud Billing – Create Product and Pricing
Automate Your Cloud Business

Don't limit the creative possibilities of pricing and billing
RackNap gives you the power to create any automated cloud billing model that you want. RackNap supports recurring or subscription billing management and also includes pricing models like free, one-time, pay-per-use or contract based, pre-paid or post-paid, and have the product delivered to the customer, and billing managed with automation.

Flexible Cloud Subscription Billing Management System,
in Every Sense of the Word

Motivate your customer to purchase more!

Tiered subscription pricing management

RackNap, the cloud provisioning and billing management software, allows you to have separate pricing structures in place for different billing cycles. Have pricing decreased as billing cycle increases; i.e. more price for monthly billing and less for yearly billing. Similarly, have tiered pricing in place for number of units purchased. Less price per unit if more units are purchased together. Motivate the customer to buy more, for longer billing cycles.

Bundle them cloud products

Increase cross-selling with RackNap’s automated and integrated cloud service provisioning and billing platform. Create bundled offerings and give discounts only when some products are purchased together. Or, give some product as add-on or free when a particular product is purchased for a higher billing cycle.

Controlled discounts on billing

Create discounts, and apply to products the way you want – flat percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, redeemable coupon codes and auto-applying coupon codes with the integrated cloud service provisioning and billing system. Create discounts only for specific billing cycles or higher-end plans to encourage customer to invest more money. Have discounts auto-expired per date range.

Controlled Billing Management in Your Hands – for
You and Your Customers

Access & manage information at a single place.

Powerful subscription billing management software for your team

Billing personnel get complete visibility into client information at a single place as per their roles and permissions in RackNap. This enables them to spend more time managing your money rather than searching clients' data and history.

Single dashboard for everything

Get all relevant information of the client in a single view, at a single place. See client's complete ledger, debit and credit notes, receipts, invoices, past orders, etc. by applying filters based on different parameters.

Power of one click

One click creation of order on client's behalf by an admin. One click refund to return money to customer. One click to add billing credit in customer's account. One click to give special pricing. One click to renew or suspend service. One click to combine multiple transactions into one simple, custom invoice. And much more.

Billing Intelligence

Graphical dashboards to give your billing team complete visibility into upcoming payments, pending renewals, unpaid invoices, pending orders, cancelled orders, expiring services, gross revenue etc.

Reduce audit time

Does preparing for audit consume a lot of time of your billing team? With centralized repositories of data accessible through role based hierarchy structure, RackNap allows you to cake-walk your way through the audit, and reduce its time from weeks to days.

Transparent cloud billing management for your customer

Empower customers to manage their cloud service's subscription or recurring billing, and other details at a single dashboard for billing in the customer panel.

Upgrade, downgrade, and switch

Allow clients to upgrade, downgrade or cancel their services at the click of a button. Give ability to switch from one service plan to another, one billing cycle to another, purchase add-ons and have credit/debit balance managed automatically.

Complete billing history

Clients can view their complete payment history, invoices, receipts, orders, services, credit/debit balance, upcoming renewals and pay outstanding invoices at a single place.

Client information

Clients can update their personal information, billing address, contact details and credit card information securely.
Recurring Billing Management Platform

Cloud Delivery, Billing and Provisioning So Smooth, There Are No Bottlenecks.

An automated cloud service billing and product delivery system is a beautiful thing.
RackNap – a completely flexible billing management software - fully automates ordering and billing processes for any business - subscription or recurring based, or traditional one-time payment based model.
  • Automatic generation of Invoices, Proforma invoices, Receipts, Debit/Credit notes and Ledger on order placement.
  • Product provisioned and delivered to customer on payment.
  • Proper MDA (Manual Delivery Addon) in place for products whose automated delivery cannot be done with well-defined SLAs.
  • Configurable option for fixed and percentage based managed services billing.
Cloud Provisioning and Billing Software

International Cloud Billing Tool – Easing Payment All the Way

Multiple currencies, multiple tax levels, multiple payment gateways
Go global with RackNap’s cloud billing management system – support multiple currencies and be compliance ready with international tax systems.
  • Multiple currencies: Supporting multiple currencies, RackNap automatically updates exchange rates for conversions through Google Currency Converter API.
  • Multiple tax levels and rules: RackNap supports different levels of taxes and rules across different countries. Get complete support and compliance with international taxation systems.
  • Multiple payment gateways: Integrated with all leading payment gateways, RackNap allows your customer to pay the way he wants.

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