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RackNap’s Partnership Models

Solution Providers (Value Added Resellers)

Technology Partners

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Advisory Partners

Solution Providers

  • Solution Provider partners or VARs offer a network of technology-aligned partners with the expertise to initiate, finalize, and support the complete customer journey in relation to RackNap.

Technology Partners

  • Collaborations with technology partners like AWS, Microsoft and more enable RackNap to expand its reach across multiple products, clouds, and channels, ultimately fostering customer satisfaction and delivering value irrespective of their location.

Independent Software Vendors

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV) in RackNap’s partner ecosystem enhance the capabilities of the RackNap subscription management platform by delivering essential features and services. This helps in establishing enduring subscriber relationships through seamless integrations.

Advisory Partner

  • Advisory Partners, who are often small management consulting firms without in-house software implementation capabilities, specialize in assisting clients in shaping their digital transformation strategies. They play a pivotal role in identifying clients for whom RackNap is the ideal solution to realize their strategic objectives.

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