Support Process Management

Quality support is minimum support. RackNap streamlines your company's customer support management, saving you time and resources to intelligently identify and permanently resolve issues that consume most of your support team's bandwidth, at the root level.

Intelligent Ticket Management System for
Creation and Distribution

Effective ticket management system directs right ticket, to the right support representative, for prompt issue resolution.

Minimize ticket creation

When your client tries to raise a ticket, the self-service module of RackNap, the hosting support management platform, provides prompt suggestions and expert answers intelligently, based on several parameters such as issue-type, product etc. by leveraging knowledgebase. Have knowledgebase constantly updated with how to articles, help guides, troubleshoot Information, video tutorials and FAQs based on customer feedback.

Auto-assignment of tickets

RackNap segregates support tickets per various parameters, like - department, product, geography, SLA, issue severity etc. It automatically assigns them to the selected support representative with the right expertise, thereby reducing time wastage in manual ticket allocation. RackNap, the helpdesk software for hosting services providers, offers multi-channel support by allowing customers to create tickets via email, phone calls, and member panel and it automatically converts emails to tickets.

Meet your SLAs

Fully ITIL compliant support and CRM software – RackNap, helps you meet your SLAs by auto-escalation of tickets based on current ticket status to multi-level hierarchy by defining SLAs with set escalation paths. Keep customers aware of current status via member panel display and shoot pre-defined emails to them as soon as issue is escalated. For timely resolution of issues, RackNap, the hosting and support management platform, enables multiple admins to collaborate and work on a ticket at the same time.

Ticket rating and feedback collection

Once the issue is resolved, RackNap – the helpdesk software, automatically collects feedback from the customer and have the quality of support rated to understand the scope of improvement. You can auto-shoot predefined mails from helpdesk platform to clients who rate ticket(s) poorly to collect detailed feedback and better your support.

Smart Customer Support Management Platform
for Minimum Support

Keep your customers informed; help them help themselves with a smart helpdesk platform.

One single dashboard

For customers: Customers can see all their services' status at a single place in client-side panel of RackNap – the support and CRM software. Also, details like communication logs, past tickets, orders, invoices etc. can be seen here.
For employees: Help your support employees be better prepared for a conversation with clients. The customer support management platform- RackNap's admin side dashboard provides A to Z information about a client at a single place– communication logs, past tickets, chats, services, billing information, orders etc.


For ongoing maintenance or issue, RackNap, the hosting support management platform, allows you to display announcements in the client panel of affected customers with current status and expected resolution time to avoid multiple tickets. You can also have announcement mails shot only to affected customers, and also schedule announcements in advance for upcoming maintenances, which can be auto-removed on issue resolution.


Give control in the hands of your customers and minimize support tickets for basic issues. Give power to upgrade existing services, buy add-ons, change service details, add funds, billing details etc. at the click of a button.

Self-serve options

From giving intelligent 'answer' and 'solution' suggestions while a customer is trying to raise a ticket, to giving the ability to contribute to your knowledge base, RackNap's ticket management system ensures that customers can help themselves with basic issues, without raising a ticket.

Support Analytics Management – Better
Data in Your Hands

Translating information into customer retention.

RackNap - the customer support management software, does real-time monitoring to convert all your support information into insightful graphical data.

  • Identify products and services for which maximum support tickets are raised, assess where the loopholes are, and accordingly improve your customer support management flow.
  • Identify the clients who generate maximum support tickets and take proactive action accordingly.
  • Identify most frequent "Support Issue types" faced in particular time period.
  • Identify top rated customer service representative per customer satisfaction level and feedback.
  • Identify type of support issues that take maximum time to resolve.
  • Graphical representation of ticket segregation in the ticket management system among various departments – support, sales, billing etc.
  • With support escalation management, identify SLA breaches and type of support issues that cause maximum escalations.

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