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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about RackNap.

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Sign-Up and Deployment FAQs

You can visit our webpage here & select your plan as required. Alternatively, you also send us an email at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to understand your request and progress with the implementation.

The list of features available is here for SaaS Model, which starts from Zero Deployment cost. General feature list for all is available here.

If you have a CSP agreement with the global providers like Microsoft, AWS etc. then using those credentials provided by them, you will be able to offer services via RackNap. RackNap offers ONLY the Software to be able to automate the provision of these services and acts as an intermediate software platform between you as the CSP and the cloud provider. Racknap DOES NOT have a distribution contract with any of the Cloud providers.

RackNap is targeted at:

  • Direct CSPs
  • Distributors
  • Indirect CSPs

With regards to Indirect Partner, if you already have a contractual relationship with the distributor Crayon, then the platform can be used by you for offering MSFT services. If you already have relationship with any other distributor, then RackNap can explore the feasibility of doing an integration with that provider.

RackNap sales team will work with you to offer a demo/trial set-up. This trial set-up is valid for 14 days. Once you are happy with the platform, you can then sign-up for the paid production version of the SaaS platform. You can configure the platform yourself and launch your cloud services ASAP.

If you are keen on having RackNap deployed in your Premise/cloud, then you will be asked to share essential details for the initial configuration. We will work with you closely to set-up the infrastructure, Sample plans will be configured within 5 working days of you providing the complete details. You can go-live immediately after that.

For hosting RackNap platform, there are 3 options:

  • On-Premise - In your DC/locally
  • Cloud (Azure, AWS etc.)
  • RackNap Data Centre (SaaS Model)

Typically, the cost of hosting RackNap in the cloud with global providers could be higher. The advantage with these providers is that it is on a more scalable, reliable hardware. RackNap has very minimal hardware needs and you may be able to start with local DC and move later to cloud once you have higher volumes.

Yes. RackNap platform is flexible enough to be used across your internal customers. RackNap panel's integration with major cloud providers can be leveraged for convenient provisioning of instances & all RackNap functionality can be subscribed to in module-wise manner.

Yes. RackNap helps to manage the entire life-cycle of customers, starting from customer landing on Marketplace webpage, buying products, getting his own account, visibility into his current services, upgrading & downgrading services, billings (invoices, receipts, etc.), provisioning of services & raising queries/tickets.

Marketplace is the first touch point of the customer & is based on Word Press and you will be provided with Word Press admin access. You can then use that to modify/make any changes as needed. If you need any customizations, please discuss with your RackNap Account Manager at [email protected].

For the SaaS Plan of RackNap, it typically takes about 4 working days from the time all information & data is provided to be able to have your SaaS environment up and running.

Yes, you can try the platform before you purchase a subscription for the same. You can go to register for a trial for 14 days. Please connect with us at [email protected] for any further questions.

You can cancel by writing to us at [email protected]. A final invoice will be generated with any outstanding dues.

Professional Services (Development, QA) related to RackNap

  • Digital Marketing
  • Migration services
  • Operational Support Resourcing

Post Implementation FAQs

Once you have signed-up a contract with RackNap, you can contact RackNap support by logging a ticket under the RackNap Control (Member) panel. This is the fastest way to get any support assistance from the RackNap team. The RackNap Support team will respond back with the queries as per agreed SLAs.

RackNap support team can offer white-label support to help your customers resolve issues quickly. We have skilled resources with different skill sets who can help with customer queries.

Billing FAQs

For all the models, license revenue will be billed on the date of purchase and on the monthly anniversary date thereafter.

No, you are NOT tied up on a long-term contract. You can continue with a rolling monthly contract.

No, there is no minimum revenue concept.

Yes, you can make the payment using your RackNap member panel.

Yes, your RackNap subscription will be renewed automatically every month, depending on your payments being made.

Billing FAQs

There are 2 modes of handling this:

  • Automatic provisioning/billing
  • Manual provisioning with automatic billing

The process is as below:

  • For Automatic provisioning, we check if the APIs are exposed for integration and we need to build a bi-directional integration for provisioning of the product. At the back-end we can configure plans to be listed on the marketplace and via the API calls, when a customer purchases the same using the 'Buy Now' option, the service is automatically provisioned.
  • For Manual provisioning, we do not need to build any integration. The plans can be configured at the back-end. And a manual order flow process can be defined in RackNap to manage and provision the orders manually. These are preferred when the volume of the services to be sold is not very high.

Yes. You can create promotion codes and get your customers to use the same to get discounts.

It is in the RackNap product roadmap to offer an SDK for this. It is currently being planned for early 2019.

You can download your pricing sheet from your Partner Center portal, upload into RackNap, by setting mark-up prices.

You can configure the products by yourself on the RackNap platform. Detailed knowledge base articles from RackNap can help you with this. If you need RackNap Professional Services team to configure these plans for you, then these can be done as additional chargeable work. You can reach out to the RackNap deployment team at [email protected] with details.

Yes, the market-place can be white labelled for your logo, colors etc. In the SaaS model, a Standard Marketplace is provided and is made available on a generic URL (a sub-domain on webspar.com). If you need this hosted on your specific domain, this can be accomplished at a very small cost.

In the other models of RackNap, the entire installation is done on your chosen domain from the word go.

Yes, the Platform supports multi-lingual UI. RackNap team will be able to guide you further according to the language requirements.

Integration & Migration FAQs

RackNap platform is flexible enough to be integrated across wide variety of applications. RackNap team will be willing to work with your team to come up with an integrated workflow with your CRM system.

RackNap platform has been integrated with some of the popular Global Gateways like PayPal, CyberSource, Network International, and a few regional ones like ICICI PG, EBS PG, BOB PG, Citrus PG. RackNap team will be eager for new integration payment possibilities also, according to your requirements.

RackNap platform supports wide range of Integration, list available here. For Integrations across other systems, RackNap team will always be eager for new integration possibilities.

Yes, they can be migrated over to RackNap. However, the effort level will depend on various aspects related to the system architecture you currently have.

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