RackNap FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about RackNap.

Sign-Up and Deployment FAQs

How to sign-up for RackNap offerings?

You can visit our webpage here & select your plan as required. Alternatively, you also send us an email at touch@racknap.com and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to understand your request and progress with the implementation.

What features are included in RackNap SaaS model? How does it compare with other products?
How do I sell services from global providers (e.g. Microsoft, AWS, IBM etc.)? Does RackNap help to offer a single distribution contract?
Who is the platform targeted at?
What steps are involved to go-live?
Where will RackNap be deployed?
I am keen to buy RackNap. However, I find the cost of hosting RackNap with cloud providers like AWS, Azure etc. to be higher. How can I reduce those cost of this hosting?
We are a large System Integrator, will the platform be flexible enough to be used internally within our organization?
If I use RackNap, will our customers be able to manage their complete life-cycle end-to-end?
What customizations can I perform with the product?
After signatures on contracts, how many days required to go live?
Can we test the platform and see its functionalities?
How can I cancel my subscription to RackNap?
What are the other services offered by RackNap?

Post Implementation FAQs

How can I get support assistance for RackNap?

Once you have signed-up a contract with RackNap, you can contact RackNap support by logging a ticket under the RackNap Control (Member) panel. This is the fastest way to get any support assistance from the RackNap team. The RackNap Support team will respond back with the queries as per agreed SLAs.

Does RackNap offer white-label support?

Billing FAQs

When will I be billed for services I sell from RackNap?

For all the models, license revenue will be billed on the date of purchase and on the monthly anniversary date thereafter.

In the SaaS model, will I have to sign-up for a contract for a minimum number of months?
Can I make my payments automatically to RackNap?
In the SaaS model, will my RackNap subscription be renewed automatically every month?

Products and Services FAQs

How do I integrate my own product or local ISVs into the platform?

There are 2 modes of handling this:

  • Automatic provisioning/billing
  • Manual provisioning with automatic billing

The process is as below:

  • For Automatic provisioning, we check if the APIs are exposed for integration and we need to build a bi-directional integration for provisioning of the product. At the back-end we can configure plans to be listed on the marketplace and via the API calls, when a customer purchases the same using the 'Buy Now' option, the service is automatically provisioned.
  • For Manual provisioning, we do not need to build any integration. The plans can be configured at the back-end. And a manual order flow process can be defined in RackNap to manage and provision the orders manually. These are preferred when the volume of the services to be sold is not very high.
Does RN offer ability to create promotion code and ask the customers to use them for campaigns?
Do you have an SDK, so that I can develop my own applications for it?
Can I import CSP pricing sheet into RackNap?
How can I configure different products on the RN platform?
Will the marketplace be white labelled?
Does the platform support multi-lingual UI?

Integration & Migration FAQs

I have an internal CRM system, will RackNap support it?

RackNap platform is flexible enough to be integrated across wide variety of applications. RackNap team will be willing to work with your team to come up with an integrated workflow with your CRM system.

What are the different payment gateways supported?
Can I integrate RackNap with external systems?
If I have existing customers, will I be able to migrate the customer and the service related information for all of them to RackNap?