RackNap’s Integration with Perpetual Licenses

Streamline your Microsoft products’ perpetual license management. Get smooth integration for selling products with Perpetual Licenses, designed exclusively for Microsoft service providers.

Customers Love RackNap

Chi Tran

RackNap cloud billing automation and partner management has increased our average revenue per partner by 35%

Chi Tran,

Director, Technova

Give Customers Lifetime Access and Clear-Cost Benefits

Provide unparalleled ownership and financial transparency to your customers with Perpetual Licenses. Dive into a model that promises enduring software use, absolute cost clarity, and genuine software possession.

Perpetual Licenses Overview

Perpetual licensing is a type of software licensing model that grants the user the right to use a specific version of a software product indefinitely, without making recurring payments. You can get perpetual licenses for various Microsoft products such as Microsoft’s productivity suite – Microsoft 365, operating systems, creative/design and graphics software, server software, development tools, security software, and more.
Advantages of Perpetual Licenses Integration with RackNap
  • Your customers seek seamless and enduring software solutions. By integrating perpetual licenses with RackNap, you can meet their expectations and unlock numerous benefits

  1. Long-term use.

  2. Clear upfront costs, with the option for yearly maintenance plans.

  1. Customers own the software and can host it on their servers for flexibility.

  2. Cost-effective for extended software usage, providing significant financial benefits over time.

  1. Enhanced security measures.

  2. Fixed costs mean businesses can better forecast their budgets and financial commitments.

Why Choose RackNap for Selling Perpetual Licenses?

Unlock the power of RackNap as your ultimate sales platform for Perpetual Licenses, delivering seamless software solutions to your partners and customers

Billing and Provisioning Capabilities
  • Microsoft-Preferred Solution

    RackNap is a Microsoft-preferred automation platform available on Azure Marketplace. It has specific features and functionalities to support Microsoft partners.

  • Unified Platform

    RackNap helps you manage the sales of all your Perpetual License products from a single place with ease. You can also monitor and analyze the statistics quickly.

  • Timesaving

    RackNap's highly automated platform saves your teams valuable time by handling billing, provisioning, ordering, and other labor-intensive tasks with precision and speed.

  • Maximizes Revenue

    Use RackNap's capabilities to create upselling and cross-selling strategies. Send automated emails to your clients based on their existing products, maximizing your revenue potential.

Additional Features of RackNap for Microsoft Partners

RackNap is an ultimate automation platform for Microsoft CSPs and other partners enabling them in providing great customer experience with streamlined business operations.

  • Pre-configured for all Microsoft Products

    Along with the Microsoft Perpetual Licenses, RackNap can also be used to automate the delivery of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and other Microsoft products.

  • Instant updates to pricing

    Microsoft perpetual license/plans and pricing are integrated at the marketplace through RackNap’s integration with Microsoft’s Pricing APIs with end-to-end automation.

  • In sync with latest Microsoft updates

    RackNap is always up to date and in sync with the latest updates from Microsoft for all the services.

Great Customer Experience
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