RackNap for
Service Providers

RackNap (offers/has) comprehensive automation and management features that enables service providers to efficiently manage operations and improve business performance.
  • Sell cloud/non-cloud services and bundle different services
  • Automate provisioning of traditional and new-age cloud services
  • Manage subscription billing and renewals
  • Provide efficient customer support and self-service panel
  • Manage inventory and track assets in a smart way
  • Sell through partner network

RackNap enables you to sell cloud and
subscription-based services on automation

Traditional IT Services
SSL certificates
Dedicated servers
Cloud/Non-cloud Services
Office 365
Google Workspace
IBM Cloud
ISV Apps
One time paid services

A Unified Platform to
Automate Your Cloud Business

Manage and control all aspects of your cloud business with a single unified interface.

RackNap unifies all aspects of a cloud/non-cloud business and allows service providers to manage them all from a single panel. It provides a very flexible and powerful control panel that offers you single pane view of everything.

  • Clients and partners
  • Billing and invoices
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer support metrics
  • Inventory flow
  • Business analytics

and more…

Designed to accelerate
your cloud business.

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