Complete automation of Virtuozzo Cloud service delivery and Plesk panel administration

With Virtuozzo automation, provision and deliver cloud servers in no time. With Plesk panel automation, manage issuance and termination of Plesk licenses with cloud server orders, without any manual intervention.

Automated Provisioning & Management of Virtuozzo based Cloud servers

Seamless service delivery and cloud billing, with control to customers and system administrators
Plesk automation solution

Seamless service delivery and management

With RackNap – a Virtuozzo automation solution, service providers can offer cloud servers to the end customers with complete automated cloud provisioning, delivery and management of all related processes at a single place, with easy resource management and tracking.
Plesk automation

The ease to manage pay-as-you-go cloud pricing

RackNap allows you to manage the pricing and billing of your Virtuozzo containers at one place. With support for multiple payment gateways, taxation levels, and well -defined rules for resource over usage, RackNap can be an ideal cloud billing platform.
Cloud business process management

Power in hands of system administrators and customers

With RackNap's Virtuozzo API automated tasks, system administrators can upgrade/downgrade, suspend/unsuspend, start/stop server; create backup, migrate, clone, delete or pause any service through the admin panel. Customers can 'start', 'stop', 'restart', 'upgrade' and 'backup' their cloud server and login to their Plesk panel from the client panel.

Automated Plesk Panel Administration

Plesk license key issuance & termination with provisioning & termination of Virtuozzo cloud servers, so no more hassles of manual installation or termination by the system administrators.
Plesk hosting automation

Automated deployment of Plesk panel

With the automated provisioning of Cloud servers, get Plesk panel automatically deployed without involving your technical resources for manual installation of the license key – freeing their valuable time for doing something more productive.
Cloud business management tools

Automated termination of Plesk license

As soon as the cloud server is suspended, the Plesk license key also gets automatically terminated. No manual termination of Plesk license is required. This automation helps save Plesk license costs that you may incur if there's any glitch in manual termination of the license.
Hosting control panel software

Single click Plesk panel login from within member panel

Find the login credentials of the Plesk panel in the customer member panel within few seconds of placing the order for cloud server. Customers can also reset the password, if required.
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