Subscription Billing Management

Put an end to recurring billing complexities

With RackNap, put an end to all your recurring billing complexities with extremely flexible billing plans and products and pricing configurations that you can easily create. Offer your customers the flexibility to choose when they buy your services.

Manage Subscription Billing with a Unified Recurring Billing
Solution for All Industries

RackNap covers complete subscription billing cycle from beginning to end. It offers billing solutions for every industry - media, communications, education, healthcare, cloud and more.
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Education Education
Healthcare Healthcare
Cloud Cloud
SaaS SaaS

Features That Help You Scale and Automate
Your Subscription Billing

RackNap offers you a wide range of features for subscription billing management, along with billing models such as one-time, pay-per-use, prepaid, postpaid, contract-based, etc. These help you deliver the products to your customers with complete automation.
Billing and

Revenue Analytics


Pricing Models


Payment Methods



Usage Based



Billing Cycles






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Tax &

Finance Management




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Tax Application


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Powerful Billing Management Tools - for
You and Your Customers

With RackNap subscription billing management solution, you have access to all the client information (ledger, debit and credit notes, receipts, invoices, past orders etc.) that save you great time and efforts.

Admin Panel for your team

Cloud Billing Intelligence

BI - Billing Intelligence

Have interactive graphical dashboards for comprehensive visibility into your customers' pending renewals, unpaid invoices, pending orders, cancelled orders, expiring services, gross revenue etc.
Everything at One-Click

Everything at one-click

Refund money to your customer; add credit in customer account; offer special pricing; renew or suspend service; combine multiple invoices into a single custom invoice; define custom exchange rates – all this and more are single click functionalities.
Cloud Billing Audit

Reduced audit time

With centralized repositories of data accessible through role-based hierarchy structure, RackNap allows you to cake-walk your way through the audit, and reduce its time from weeks to days.

Customer Panel for your customers

Cloud Service Provisioning Platform

Transparent cloud billing management

Empower your customers to manage their cloud service subscription or recurring billing and other details at a single dashboard.
Update client information

Update client information

Your customers can securely update their personal information, billing address, contact details and credit card information via their customer panel.
Browse all transaction history

Browse all transaction history

Clients can browse complete history of their financial transactions through billing archives-payment history, invoices, receipts, orders, services, credit/debit balance, upcoming renewals and pay outstanding invoices at a single place.
Upgrade, downgrade, and switch

Upgrade, downgrade, and switch

Allow clients to upgrade, downgrade or cancel their services at the click of a button. Give ability to switch from one service plan to another, one billing cycle to another, purchase add-ons and have credit/debit balance managed automatically.

Not Just Billing Management - RackNap Manages
Your Entire Customer Lifecycle

Onboard customers

1 Onboard Customers
2 Sell direct from website

Sell directly from website

3 Deliver subscription services

Deliver subscription services

4 Manage recurring billing

Manage recurring billing

5 Monitor marketing campaigns

Monitor marketing

6 Upsell and Cross-sell

Upsell and Cross-sell
subscription services

7 Self-service panel for customers

Self-service panel for customers

8 Manage Sales and renewals

Manage sales and renewal

9 Monitor analytics

Monitor analytics

Personalize Customer Journey, Motivate
Them to Purchase More

Tiered subscription management

Motivate your customers to buy more, for longer billing cycles. Offer them services with discounts, when they purchase more units or opt for services for a longer period.

Controlled discounts

Create discounts and coupons for the products you want, including fixed or flat discounts and coupon codes. Specify the discounts according to billing cycles, and have them auto-expired per date range.

Bundled products

Offer discounts when products are bundled and purchased together, or provide a free product as add-on when some product is purchased for longer billing cycle.


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