Automated IBM Cloud Provisioning, Service Delivery and Management

An end to end cloud management platform, RackNap enables cloud service providers to provision and deliver IBM cloud managed services with complete automation.

  • Automated provisioning and delivery of IBM Cloud following order placement.
  • Customer gets complete control of his IBM cloud – 'pause' and 'resume' resources at the click of a button, via integration with IBM Cloud API.
  • Automated suspension and termination of IBM Cloud in case of non-payment.
  • System administrators get the ability to manually 'create', 'pause', 'resume' and 'terminate' a client's IBM cloud.

Experience the Power of Absolute Automation - with IBM Cloud's Automated Provisioning, Delivery and Management

Accelerate to market with cloud services by shortening your time investment in cloud provisioning and its management with RackNap's IBM cloud service automation.

Absolutely automated IBM Cloud provisioning and management, post delivery

RackNap's integration with IBM Cloud API provides smooth cloud orchestration and automation for delivery of IBM cloud. The marketplace showcases IBM Cloud plans and comes pre-integrated with RackNap in the backend. Automated provisioning of the cloud server begins as soon as the customer places his IBM cloud order by choosing the region and providing the subdomain.

  • Post client order, RackNap takes care of payment processing and invoice generation with complete automation, while IBM cloud provisioning begins in the IBM panel.
  • Once provisioned, the cloud is delivered to the customer. He can view all his service details, panel login details, IP address, billing details etc. and manage the cloud via RackNap client panel's server control center.

Complete control of client on IBM Cloud server and its resources

RackNap – an IBM cloud orchestrator, provides customer with complete control over his cloud and associated resources.

  • The customer can 'Pause' and 'Resume' his cloud services via Power Control section of Server Control Center in his member panel.
  • The changes are updated in IBM panel automatically, in real time.
  • The customer can see his cloud configuration – datacenter, hostname, memory, OS, bandwidth usage, IP information, and more in the Resources section from within his member panel.

Control in the hands of system administrators

RackNap although takes care of automatic pause or termination of the cloud server, depending upon the payment condition, but it also provides sufficient manual control, in case it's needed.

  • System administrators get the ability to not only view complete service details, billing details, resource usage details, but also, send any notification mail from pre-created templates, if required.
  • They get the ability to 'Create', 'Pause', 'Resume' or 'Terminate' the IBM cloud manually.
  • The changes are updated in IBM panel automatically, in real time.

Cloud metering and billing – as you like it!

RackNap's cloud billing module is powerful enough for managing and billing customers on pre-paid as well as post-paid models. Automatic cloud billing, reminder notification and invoice generation is taken care of for over-consumption of resources.

  • Automated payment calculation for usage based billing.
  • System tracks payments, renewals and takes automated actions, like server suspension, termination in case of non-payment and reactivation in case of payment being done.

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