And Cloud Sales Management

The crux of your profitable cloud business – marketing and sales, need automation to help you generate maximum revenue. RackNap – a cloud sales management platform with end-to-end automation, provides just that and takes care of:

Fresh sales   |   Recurring renewal income   |   Email marketing   |   Affiliate marketing

Complete Recurring Cloud Sales
Cycle - We Have Your Back

Complete automation, complete visibility, and complete analytics – a unified cloud sales automation platform

Track sales & marketing campaigns

Collect and track leads through marketing activities, from website, events, mailers, social & digital media etc. Set up marketing campaign automation, assess marketing campaigns' performance with respect to cloud sales & evaluate ROI for strategic cost optimization.

Hosting Support System

Auto-assign leads for sales automation

Have leads auto assigned instantly on generation, based on various parameters – location, product type, client type, source-wise etc. for organized leads and sales management.

Hosting Support System

Full visibility of cloud sales management cycle

RackNap – the cloud sales automation platform helps you to avoid delayed responses, follow-ups, and call backs. Know what status a particular lead is in at the moment and take instant action accordingly.

Cloud Sales Automation Platform
Your Sales Team Will Love

With solid cloud sales management, know thy customer like the back of your hand.

Know thy customers

With refined sales and customer management for cloud, hosting, SaaS and other services, help your sales team members be better prepared for conversation with your prospective customers. With RackNap, you get complete visibility into the status of a prospect at a single dashboard, such as – is he a lead, potential or existing client?

While upselling to existing clients, you see details like –products, follow-ups, due bills, support tickets, call and mail logs to avoid repetitive communication.

Pro in-house coordination with option to comment on a particular lead for all employees to see and communicate accordingly. Control access to the dashboard information for each employee based on hierarchy, territory overlays and other custom filters.

Sales team productivity management

Set targets and incentives for your cloud services sales team. Have them calculated and make visible to employees in real-time to keep them motivated and have their performance monitored. With sales target manager tool:

  • Define sales targets and incentive structure based on various parameters, such as - type of product, amount, billing terms, number of products sold, etc.
  • Auto-calculate and release commission with zero error for fresh sales as well as renewal or recurring sales.
  • With complete automation setup for selling cloud services, have RackNap calculate the retroactive commission automatically as well.
  • Identify the personnel pool continuously achieving their set sales targets for rewarding them and motivating them to achieve future targets.

3 Pillars of Cloud Sales Automation Platform
for Increasing Your Sales Revenue

Manage & maximize cloud sales with automation and grow your business

Cross-sell &

  • Pitch the right product to the right client at the right time by creating upselling and cross-selling logics in recurring and subscription sales management platform.
  • Send automated cross-sell and upsell mails to clients based on their existing products. Auto-assign leads generated to relevant employees and maximize the recurring cloud sales.
  • Have relevant products visible to client in his member panel for purchase. Gain higher conversion rates for recurring sales with automation.

Maximize renewal &
recurring sales

  • See upcoming recurring sales or renewals for a given time (week, month, year, date range) in a single click and predict revenue inflow.
  • Recurring sales automation tool allows you to automate lead generation for upcoming renewals based on pre-defined windows.
  • Send automatic periodic renewal reminders to customers using CRON by setting time and conditional logics with sales management software.
  • Set notifications for auto-suspension, grace period and termination if payment is not made in time.

Upcoming sales

  • Through centralized data repository and graphical dashboards, get precise future cloud sales prediction to prevent last minute crunches.
  • Set parameters like time of the year, sales pipeline and sales person etc. to get a perspective on what revenue can be expected in given time.
  • With cloud sales management automation, intelligently get alerts about any shortfalls or issues that may arise and take proactive measures.

Marketing Your Cloud – Automated
and Centralized

The backbone of cloud sales – marketing, is as strong as it can be with RackNap

Give more control in hands of your marketing team, and the capability to assess performance of each marketing campaign with automation for tracking leads generated and sales.

  • Create logics as to which communication is to be sent when – emails or SMSs, and automate all your marketing communications through pre-designed text templates.
  • RackNap can be integrated with any leading email marketing software like MailChimp, Sendgird, Mandrill, etc., allowing you to auto-sync and update your customer data.
  • Add, schedule and expire promotional coupons and discounts as per multiple logics – product types, product plan, billing cycle, product bundles and existing or new customer.
  • Have ongoing promotions and coupons shown in customer member panel to increase chances of cross-selling and generate additional recurring sales revenue from existing customer base.
  • Allow your customers to submit testimonials and reviews for gaining trust of prospective buyers.
  • Track closed leads and assess performance of your marketing campaigns with statistics auto-compiled from cloud sales management platform to evaluate ROI w.r.t. investment made for strategic cost optimization.

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