RackNap for Selling Azure Stack Based Private/Hybrid Cloud

RackNap empowers you to provision and deliver private and hybrid cloud services, powered by Azure Stack, with complete automation.

  • Sell Azure Stack based private and/or hybrid cloud on both – pre-paid and pay per use models.
  • Create cloud plans, set quotas and offers directly from the admin portal and assign to tenants, per subscriptions limits.
  • Ease of usage for the customer as he can manage his services on Azure Stack, with same Azure panel.

Smartly Sell and Manage Azure Stack Based Private/Hybrid Cloud

With cloud having proved the potential to transform a business, there has been a rapid increase in the enterprise cloud investment. Private and hybrid cloud offerings, in addition to fulfilling the organizational requirements for innovation and scalability, address the pressing concerns of security and ROI, that come with the public cloud. This presents a huge oppo)rtunity for you.
RackNap empowers you to sell both private and/or hybrid cloud based on Azure Stack, quickly and conveniently, on both – pre-paid and pay per use models, with automation. Azure Stack is Microsoft's innovative hybrid cloud computing software, based on Azure cloud platform. It helps organizations deliver Azure services from their own data center.
Sell all at one place
Sell Private and Hybrid cloud services with your traditional services

Sell cloud solutions along with your traditional services, to better your revenue.

Integrate as needed
Integrate as needed

With RackNap, an all-encompassing platform, integrate software of your choice.

Why RackNap?
Why RackNap?

One platform that can enable you to sell whatever you can think of, with cloud!

There's No Better Time to Be in Cloud Business!

The modern approach to selling private and hybrid cloud

The modern approach to selling private and hybrid cloud

  • A single platform to sell and manage public cloud based on Azure and private or hybrid cloud, based on Azure Stack.
  • Get complete control on Azure billing – via credit or pre-paid mode that protects you from any financial risks.
  • Track customer usage pattern for future usage estimations and send over-usage notifications automatedly via set triggers.
  • Generate invoices transparently as per-usage, at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Your customers get complete visibility into their resources with in-depth invoices, without the need to manage each Azure SKU.
  • Automated cloud provisioning, with complete customer lifecycle management, including sales, billing, delivery and support from a single panel to ease the life of administrators.
  • Sell your traditional services along with new-age private and hybrid cloud solutions, with complete billing automation.

Flexibility and self-service for the customers

  • RackNap's simple to use customer panel helps customers manage their relationship with you, while getting self-help options for quick issue resolution.
  • Customer gets to see all his cloud service details, his Azure subscription details and his billing details, all at one place.
  • Your customer can view his resource usage – VMs, storage, bandwidth etc. on daily, weekly basis and export all details for further investigation.
  • He gets quick links to place orders, add funds and raise support tickets, directly from his panel.
  • He can see announcements and maintenance notices in support.
  • He can manage his profile and create sub users directly from here.
Flexibility and self-service for the customers
Control in the hands of system administrators

Control in the hands of system administrators

  • You get an admin panel to manage the cloud, purchased by your clients.
  • View all the details about cloud order, invoices, tickets, add-ons, commitment/subscription dates and more.
  • You can send notifications, announcements, welcome mails from pre-defined communication templates, directly from the admin panel.
  • You can create, suspend and unsuspend the cloud, from the administrator dashboard, saving yourself from any financial risks associated with over-usage.
  • In addition, you can also view Microsoft subscription details and Azure usage report, within a specific time period, that a customer can view in his customer panel.

Check out what more RackNap can do for you!

In addition to private and hybrid cloud, you can sell traditional services seamlessly with RackNap.