RackNap for Public Cloud Providers

A comprehensive cloud management platform, RackNap empowers cloud service providers to provision and deliver public cloud services with complete automation.

  • Automated provisioning and delivery of public cloud, following order placement.
  • Supports cloud billing on pre-paid as well as post-paid models.
  • Customer has complete control of his cloud resources in the customer self-service panel.
  • Automated suspension and termination of cloud in case of non-payment.

Public Cloud Services you can Sell with RackNap

  • Sell Microsoft Azure cloud solutions with complete service orchestration; customer and partner management; and billing automation.
  • No coding required with RackNap API already integrated for Microsoft Azure services.
  • Enable customers to upgrade, downgrade resources in one click, with support for pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Enable system administrators to monitor and view all details and access Azure portal and client panel through a single dashboard.
  • Automate provisioning and delivery of AWS cloud, post order placement from marketplace.
  • Your customer can control his AWS cloud – 'start' and 'stop' resources at click of the button.
  • Supports manual and automatic suspension and termination of AWS cloud in case of non-payment by customer.
  • Plesk license key is auto-provisioned with AWS cloud, and is auto-terminated with AWS cloud termination.
IBM Cloud
  • Automated provisioning and delivery of IBM Cloud following order placement.
  • Customer gets complete control of his IBM cloud – 'pause' and 'resume' resources at the click of a button, via integration with IBM Cloud API.
  • Automated suspension and termination of IBM Cloud in case of non-payment.
  • System administrators get the ability to manually 'create', 'pause', 'resume' and 'terminate' a client's IBM cloud.
* Coming soon - Integration of RackNap with Google cloud's API.

In addition to public cloud, configure and sell all your traditional services seamlessly with RackNap.