Plesk – automated provisioning, easy administration.

RackNap's Plesk cloud and web hosting automation; making life easy for you and your customer.

Automate provisioning with Plesk automation software

With RackNap, cloud and web hosting service providers can enable full end-to-end business automation for provisioning of the Plesk panel.
Plesk automation solution

Automated provisioning of Plesk

RackNap comes fully integrated with Plesk API. The Plesk panel is auto-provisioned when a customer buys web hosting (shared or reseller hosting) from you. The Plesk panel allotted to customer is the one as per the configuration of the plan he has bought.
Plesk automation

Single click login to Plesk panel

From their RackNap customer panel, your customers can auto-login to their Plesk panel associated with their services in a single-click.
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Login and password reset from RackNap panel itself

Your customers can access their login details from the customer panel itself and also reset their password from the RackNap customer panel itself.

Plesk panel administration – both automated and manual

With full end-to-end integration with Plesk, RackNap allows you to manage and administer customer’s account and services – both with automation, and manually.
Plesk hosting automation

Sell Web Hosting

Create web hosting plans with pre-set templates, or customize your templates. Build web hosting configurations and pricing on the backend, and display them on your marketplace, from where customers can place the order.
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Auto-renewal, suspension and termination of Plesk panel

If the customer renews his web hosting at the end of billing period, Plesk panel is renewed automatically. Should the customer fails to renew his services, his account, as well as Plesk panel, is auto-terminated.
Hosting control panel software

Automated as well as manual control in your hands

If you ever need to suspend or terminate the services (along with Plesk panel) of a client for any reason, you can do it at the click of a button from the RackNap admin panel itself.
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