RackNap for Dedicated Server Providers

RackNap empowers you to sell dedicated servers in a professional way, with ease. With a single platform:

  • Manage all business functions associated with selling dedicated servers.
  • Deliver dedicated servers via modular approach.
  • Detailed visibility into inventory, sales, ordering and delivery process.
  • Admin and customer panel for flexibility and control to both – sellers and customers.

Business Management Platform for Selling Dedicated Servers

With digital transformation happening in every industry, there is no dearth of opportunities for you as a dedicated server provider. RackNap, a complete web hosting management software, helps you:
  • Prepare and deliver a dedicated server to a customer via a customizable, stepwise mechanism.
  • Get detailed visibility into the datacenter and automate management of inventory.
  • Get client panel with functionalities like start, stop and reboot servers.
  • Get an admin control panel with functionalities related to monitoring and control.
Sell all at one place
Sell all at one place

Sell dedicated servers, VPS, cloud solutions, and more to establish your business successfully.

Integrate as needed
Integrate as needed

With RackNap, an all-encompassing platform, integrate software, as needed by your business.

Why RackNap?
Why RackNap?

One platform that can enable you to sell whatever you can think of, with dedicated servers!

Sell Dedicated Servers with Enterprise Features of RackNap

The modular approach to selling dedicated servers

The modular approach to selling dedicated servers

  • RackNap empowers you to create and define the complete process flow for delivering the server to the customer, following sale.
  • The automation platform, RackNap, then takes care of complete process from one department to another from initiation till server delivery.
  • It enables you to set estimated time each department is supposed to invest in server delivery, helping you quicken the process.
  • Manage department wise rights, assign job profiles and set description of what some personnel of a department is supposed to do, to eliminate any issues in communication.
  • Following a dedicated server order, automated notifications can be set to be sent to all departments required to work on a particular order.
  • With a well-defined order flow, once a department completes its work, the next-in-queue department gets proper intimated for its role.

Flexibility and self-service for the customers

  • RackNap's simple to use customer panel helps customers manage their relationship with you, while getting self-help options for quick issue resolution.
  • Customer gets to see all his dedicated server details – order, billing and support related information at one place.
  • He gets quick access to billing information – ledgers, orders, invoices, receipts and more.
  • He gets quick links to renew server and raise support ticket, directly from his panel.
Flexibility and self-service for the customers
Control in the hands of system administrators

Control in the hands of system administrators

  • You get an admin panel to manage all dedicated servers purchased by your clients.
  • View all the details about dedicated server, monitoring status, support level, control panel, software, hardware, backup, IP addresses, data center details and more at one place.
  • You can send notifications, announcements, welcome mails from pre-defined communication templates, directly from the admin panel.
  • Administrators can also perform fraud check, from within their administrator panel.
  • In addition, they can add/create addon, upgrade or downgrade the service, create ticket on client's behalf or move service, as needed.

Automation for dedicated server billing

  • RackNap supports multiple hosting billing models – recurring, non-recurring, pre-paid, post-paid, free, one-time, pay-per-use or contract based, enabling you to be ready to sell services of your choice, along with dedicated servers.
  • Automated invoice generation as per billing cycle- monthly, quarterly, yearly and so on.
  • Billing management of all hosting products and services – dedicated servers, VPS, hosting and domains.
  • Ability to manage multiple payment systems, taxation levels, invoices, and quotations.
Automation for dedicated server billing

In addition to dedicated servers, you can sell cloud and other hosting services seamlessly with RackNap.