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Sell All Cloud Solutions Along With Your Traditional Offerings

RackNap Express provides a completely unified platform to service providers and enables you to sell both traditional hosting services along with cloud solutions on your own infrastructure.

Automate Provisioning, Delivery and Management of Office 365

RackNap Express completely automates the lifecycle of selling Office 365 for Microsoft CSPs – from managing plans and pricing configurations, provisioning, delivery, billing, upgrade/downgrade of plans and complete customer lifecycle.

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    Provision and deliver Microsoft Office 365 plans with complete automation.

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    Enable customers to renew, upgrade, downgrade licenses in one click.

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    Have Office 365 billing done on pay-per-use basis.

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    Enable customers to change their Office 365 plans from customer panel itself.

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    Enable system admins with complete control for managing Office 365 licenses.

Be a Smart CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) - Sell Microsoft Cloud Solutions with Automation

RackNap Express offers a robust Service Provisioning Management and Billing Automation Platform for Microsoft CSPs to sell and manage all your Microsoft offerings from a single panel.

RackNap ensures complete cloud service delivery, billing automation and complete customer lifecycle management of Microsoft Cloud Services – Office 365, Azure, EMS, SharePoint, and more for Microsoft CSPs.

Deliver and Manage Microsoft Azure Cloud with Absolute Automation

Sell Microsoft Azure cloud solution with complete automation, including ordering, provisioning, billing, and implementation.

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    Have complete service orchestration, provisioning, and billing automation.

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    Your customers are empowered to upgrade/downgrade, start/stop/pause resources in one click.

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    Have the complete Azure cloud specifications and real-time resource consumption details visible in customer panel.

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    Bill your customers on pay-per-use model, send automated notifications to customer, and suspend or terminate resources in case of non-payment.

Automate Complete Management of All Business Processes

RackNap Express is an end-to-end automation and management platform for cloud service providers that enables them to automate and manage everything from a single place. It includes - SaaS and Subscription Billing Management, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management, Support, Marketplace and Customer Lifecycle management.

New Products to be integrated with RackNap Express

(To be announced)
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