MSPs and Telcos

Flexibility, Granularity & Automation for Voice, Data, Mobile and VoIP Providers

Globally, the telecom industry is estimated to be a USD 2.14 trillion industry revenue wise, and is witnessing a growth of 2.7 percent CAGR for over three years. This is basically because of voice, data and carrier network infrastructure -AT Kearney

Telecom Billing Software Solutions
MSPs face their biggest challenge in terms of managing a multitude of internal systems in order to service their customers. Having multiple systems in place for price management, bundling services, support, monitoring, customer profiling causes recursion, increases possibility of inaccuracy and consumes more time and cost.
Rapid progress in the affordability and accessibility of technology will reshape the telecom consumer by 2020. Advancing telecom technologies will impact consumer behaviour in various ways like: Consumer lifestyle will be impacted by greater affordability of information and communications technology (ICT) goods and rising awareness like Google Glass and Toshiba digital mirror. It will be reflected through "smart homes", households that are integrated with ICT, becoming relatively common by 2020, while handheld devices will incorporate more tools, such as bank cards and car/house keys- A recent research by Ashutosh P
RackNap's seamless workflow management and the ability of integrating multiple systems streamlines the existing systems and facilitates the flexibility to adjust with futuristic changes, with a view of the past through automated audit trail to enhance profitability in this overall dynamic scenario.
Business Management Software for Telecom Companies
Racknap features for MSPs and Telcos
  • Subscription & Actual Usage Billing.
  • Flat & Time Based billing
  • HotSpot & CLEC Billing
  • Pre & Post Paid Billing
  • 3G, 4G, Broadband & ISP DSL Billing
  • Bandwidth Billing
  • ISP, WISP, DTH, WiMAX, CDMA, TDMA & VoIP Billing.
  • Real time integration with billing & sales modules.
  • Complete call reporting and handling.
  • Support for electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP).
  • Built In Ticketing System.
  • Complete customer Information in One Place- prepaid/postpaid both.
  • Customer portal integration with hosted services, like unified communications, email, smart phones, hosting etc. for adding, suspending or changing services in real time.
  • Automatic Activation of New Services.
  • Customization at different stages of sales process- quotes, invoices etc.
  • Seamless Order Processing Till Delivery or Cancellation.
  • Automatic lead distribution among sales team based upon set parameters.
  • Complete automation of marketing processes- configuring brand settings, adding promotions and discounts, setting notifications, testimonials and more.
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing.
  • Integrated OSS Solution.
  • Complete Networking Hardware & Software Inventory Management.
  • Real Time Inventory Monitoring, including SIM, IMEIs, ESNs, set top boxes IDs, Mac addresses and numbers.
  • Capability of managing automatic number activation, assignment of plan and deactivation process.
  • Management support for bundled, packaged and tangible inventory.
  • Complete CDR Processing, IPDR, Rate and Customer Taxation Management.
  • One Click Plan/Package & Discount Application.
  • Provision for External System Integration.
  • Provision for configuring minimum billing amounts.
  • Multi-currency, Multi-taxes & Multiple Payment Gateways Support.
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