Microsoft Office 365

The best productivity suite for your business

Office 365 is designed to simplify your business functions with the latest, regularly-updated Office productivity apps. It helps you make your team more productive by enabling them to work smarter from anywhere.

Office 365 is your anywhere, anytime office

Whether you are working in your office or on the go, you get the best, most updated and familiar set of productivity tools to stay productive 24x7.
Business Class Email

Business Class Email

Office 365 comes with a business class email on your own domain name and easily synchronizes with multiple devices.

  • Large 50 GB inbox and supports attachments up to 150 MB.
  • Email and Calendar synchronized for cross-device compatibility.
  • Control mail flow with smart rules.
  • Complete data security with anti-spam filtering.

Team Productivity Tools

Your team gets a range of tools to become more productive with Office 365 that helps them organize themselves in a more efficient way.

  • Manage customer relationships and customer appointments.
  • Access to Office apps (Word, Excel, etc.) both online and offline.
  • Create interactive web-based reports and presentations.
  • Organize and assign team tasks more efficiently.
Team Productivity Tools
Team Collaboration Tools

Team Collaboration Tools

Collaborate better with team and customers with a range of collaboration tools, from IM to social networking and video conferencing.

  • Unlimited video conferencing with up to 250 participants.
  • Large 1 TB storage on OneDrive accessible from anywhere.
  • Data automatically syncs on all your devices.
  • Work on documents together with your team.

Best Office 365 Providers and Plans for your Business

Get the best productivity tools for your business from the most reliable Office 365 provider in your region.

Office 365 Business Plans

  • Basic Productivity Tools
  • Maximum 300 Users

Office 365 Enterprise Plans

  • Advanced Services
  • Unlimited Users

How Office 365 improves Productivity of Your Business?

Empower your team with modern connectivity tools and help them to stay productive from anywhere, anytime.
Have latest version of Office – Always
Have latest version of Office – Always.

You never need to update Office apps as new values and capabilities are added to Office 365 by Microsoft on monthly basis.

Quickly scale your business
Quickly scale your business

Add a new user in Office 365 by simply purchasing an additional license. Office 365 grows when you do.

Lower your CAPEX
Lower your CAPEX

With Office 365 available as SaaS or on monthly subscription basis, avoid huge up-front cost. Buy Office 365

Work better as a team
Work better as a team

Enable your team to work better web conferencing, business-class email, shared calendars, and documents in the cloud.

Reduce energy and hardware costs
Reduce energy and hardware costs

Save money spent on purchasing new server hardware and reduce energy associated costs.

Better work done from anywhere
Better work done from anywhere

Your team can work online and offline with up-to-date versions of tools and files for their work with Office 365.