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MICROSOFT INSPIRE 2019 14-18 July | Las Vegas, Nevada
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RackNap - Microsoft relationship
  • GTM & Co-Sell Ready
  • Microsoft Preferred Solution on Azure Marketplace

RackNap enables you to run a profitable cloud business

RackNap helps businesses to automate service delivery, overcome complexities in subscription billing management, reduce operational costs and increase sales.

Join us at Microsoft Inspire to learn about:
  • Solutions to the biggest challenges that CSPs today face while selling cloud
  • Winning in highly-competitive cloud market
  • Maximizing cloud revenues
  • Generating new leads and acquiring more customers
  • Managing marketing and sales strategies, and providing customer support
  • Managing recurring/subscription on pay-per-use billing model
What can you do with RackNap?
  • Automate sales, billing, provisioning, and management
  • Bundle Microsoft cloud services with your own offerings, and automate their delivery to create value-added packages
  • Enable business analytics with simple graphical dashboards
  • Simplify partner channel management
  • Implement cross-selling & up-selling strategies with automation
  • Simplify management of support tickets and SLAs

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