Resell Microsoft Cloud Services

Manage customer and distributor billing from a single panel

RackNap is an automation platform for Microsoft Indirect Resellers that helps them deliver Microsoft services from distributors to their end-customers with billing and provisioning automation. It enables them with a multitude of features to scale and grow their cloud business.

RackNap has a Solution for all Challenges faced by Microsoft Indirect Resellers

Simplifies complexities in managing subscription billing
RackNap simplifies billing complexities with features for better management of invoices, orders, receipts, ledger, etc. for both the Indirect reseller and customer.
Automatic provisioning of Office 365, Azure and software subscriptions
RackNap enables complete automation for provisioning of Microsoft Office 365, Azure including reserved VM instances (RI) and Windows and SQL server subscriptions.
Empowers your customers with a self-service panel
RackNap provides a customer self-service panel for your end-customers using which your customers can manage their services, billing and support with you.
Direct processing of orders from marketplace
Indirect Resellers get a white-labelled marketplace integrated for direct processing of orders and pricing updates from backend. This improves user experience.
Efficient management of customer support
RackNap has an in-built support module that helps in efficient management of customer support tickets, their distribution and escalation. Thus, enabling a great customer support.
Increase sales with upselling and cross-selling
RackNap offers multiple features like one-click Office 365 trials that helps increase customer onboarding, and upselling and cross-selling options to increase ARPU.

Grow and Scale your Cloud Business as an Indirect Reseller with RackNap

RackNap empowers Microsoft Indirect Resellers to control every aspect of their cloud business with detailed functionalities.
  • Check real-time fresh and renewal sales
  • Define threshold alerts based on consumption
  • Check real-time resource usage by customers
  • Get detailed report for Azure usage/consumption
  • Allow customers to upgrade from client panel
  • Enable customers to renew services from client panel

Automate the Complete Management of Microsoft CSP Program with RackNap's CSP Ready Features

RackNap is a Microsoft CSP automation platform which provides cloud billing and provisioning services for Office 365 and Azure. It enables Microsoft CSPs to go-to-market faster with complete ready to sell range of Microsoft products; automates the complete management of the Microsoft CSP program and helps them maximize the revenue and profits with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
Order placement from website & auto-provisioning
Real-time reports – sales, billing, support
Cross-selling & up-selling options
Partner channel management
Bundling Microsoft and own services
Sales operations automation
Pay-per-use billing with invoice auto-generation
Management of marketing campaigns
Subscription based Azure billing (Defined Credit Limit)
Managing Microsoft licenses and SKUs
Customer self-service features - renewals /upgrades
Integrated CRM - ticket, chat and phone support
Business model selling cloud services
Discounts /rebates from Microsoft
Joint marketing campaigns
Big range of Microsoft services to resell

How RackNap Helps Indirect Resellers Optimize their Business Operations?

RackNap's interactive modules help Indirect Resellers manage their business operations with end-to-end automation.
Automated marketing campaigns and sales management

Automated marketing campaigns and sales management

  • Track marketing campaigns, measure performance and ROIs.
  • View and manage cloud sales cycle.
  • Customizable email formats for sending automated service emails.
Manage recurring billing complexities

Manage recurring billing complexities

  • Customize billing plans – recurring, pay-per-use, one-time etc.
  • Define different pricing structures for different billing cycles.
  • Upsell, cross-sell and create product bundles for maximizing sales.
Indirect reseller panel

Indirect reseller panel

  • Resellers get a panel to manage their services with the distributor and their own customers.
  • Indirect resellers can manage billing, support and marketing of their end customers from a single pane of glass.
  • Indirect resellers can seamlessly sync their plans and pricing with the distributor (Indirect Provider).
Automated service provisioning and billing

Automated service provisioning and billing

  • Sell Microsoft CSP services including Azure VM reserved instances (RI), Windows server and SQL server subscriptions with complete automation.
  • Marketplace integration with RackNap enables seamless billing management – both at distributor and end customer levels.
  • Bundle Microsoft cloud and other non-cloud services to increase sales.
* For Resellers that fall under non-supported distributors some functionalities may not work. Contact us to know more.
RackNap and Microsoft Work Closely to Help You Deliver Cloud Services with Smart Automation.
RackNap and Microsoft's Relationship

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