Data center management platform for automated cloud infrastructure services orchestration, delivery and management

Traditional data center or hybrid cloud environment – it makes no difference to racknap – the flexible datacenter inventory management plaform.

Having your complete IT infrastructure and cloud inventory repository, RackNap is integrated with multiple leading cloud, hypervisor and virtualization platforms to ensure automated end-to-end delivery of cloud services after purchase from marketplace. For products or services that require manual intervention, there is proper Manual Delivery Process in place.

RackNap's cloud services inventory management module allows you to manage and deliver public, private and hybrid cloud in both ways – on your on-premises infrastructure, or via leading cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, IBM and more, with a single dashboard.


With RackNap's cloud services inventory management solution, you have completely automated workflow in place from marketplace order to service delivery to client in seconds, RackNap allows you to instantly provision and scale Cloud services' packages to varying levels of CPU, memory, disk I/O and storage space with click of a button.

  • The Infrastructure Management software allows to pair multiple cloud and virtualization platforms together and provide customizable and cloud-ready configurations to your clients via a self-service console.
  • Automatically deploy, deliver and manage public, private or hybrid cloud, or legacy services like dedicated server, VPS, web hosting, domain name, or any service on a subscription model with datacenter billing management tool.
  • Have automated scaling, rebooting and monitoring of cloud from a single panel for datacenter services management.


For services and processes that require manual intervention or approval, have well-defined work-flow rules in place to expedite delivery. It's super-simple to define manual work-flow rules with RackNap - IT inventory management solution.

  • Have better hardware and software asset management, speed up service delivery with defined rules for building servers; replicate those in demand and keep in inventory for quick delivery.
  • RackNap's unique IT asset management solution allows you to design trigger-based flow to automatically notify relevant personnel for quick action.
  • Keep control in your hands with role-based user access to RackNap – the datacenter infrastructure and cloud services management software for your employees.
  • Deploy virtual machines, assign storage and configure networks via single GUI in cloud services management tool.
Cloud Provisioning and Billing Software

Cloud inventory and datacenter asset mapping and management

Turn your cloud services inventory, datacenter infrastaructure, software and hardware assets faster than your people with RackNap – the smart inventory management tool.

Know what's where, when, with a single centralized repository of all IT assets - Hardware, Software, or Network – auto-updated in real-time in software license and IT asset management tool.

  • Do manual entry of assets or export data into RackNap's hardware and software asset management module.
  • Proper categorization of assets along with their vendor information, OEM information, serial numbers, batch numbers, license keys and all other details IT asset management software.
  • Single click availability of serial numbers repository to track warranty, AMC and contracts in hardware assets and software license management tool.
  • Have every IT asset auto-mapped to the product and customer it is associated to. This way automatically identify customers affected in case of an asset failure and provide better support with proactive notification to customers.
  • Define threshold limits and generate triggers when inventory is about to go out of stock and take pro-active action with RackNap's smart IT asset and cloud inventory management.
  • Raise PO to vendor from within RackNap for a centralized management.
  • Maintain APNIC/ARIN repository and get complete IP Address Management- both IPv4 & IPv6, along with complete management of VLAN in IP asset management module.
IT Inventory Management Solution

Intelligent graphical dashboards, better it asset management

Goodbye to spreadsheets. say hello to dynamic dashboards in cloud services inventory and it asset management platform!
IT Asset Management Software

Without relying on spreadsheets, RackNap's Cloud Services and Datacenter Inventory Management platform allows you to get a single pane view of complete cloud services inventory and datacenter infrastructure across the globe; manage and track each and every single piece of asset - whether lying unused in the inventory, hidden from the records or allocated to the client.

  • Build exact virtual replica of your complete data center down to the last detail in RackNap's datacenter management solution. Get top-down graphical representation that displays the space utilization of a facility by floors > rooms > racks > rack U > device. With clear outlined view of total and sold capacity, optimize utilization of floor space and racks in data center to derive the best ROI.
  • Use a single dashboard for all purposes – track inventory; build, deliver and administer cloud and servers; and raise PO to vendors - across multiple datacenters.
  • The infrastructure management solution helps in proper SKU management to minimize uneven resource utilization of infrastructure.
  • Make better capacity management decisions with cloud inventory forecasting based on sales roadmap and number of leads.

Integrated tracking & monitoring of cloud services & datacenter inventory

Know what's up with your hardware, software, network, ip, datacenter and cloud services inventory and assets.

Monitor multi-vendor, multi-datacenter physical infrastructure from a single dashboard with RackNap's Datacenter Infrastructure Management platform.

  • Live dashboard with key performance indicators of hardware and network inventory - real-time monitoring, threshold and status alerts and resource consumption metrics with notifications to concerned personnel.
  • SNMP for auto-discovery, capacity planning, and bandwidth monitoring & reporting from inventory management module itself.
  • Energy utilization calculation with third party PUE or DCiE calculator.
  • Server monitoring with PRTG, CACTI and smart integration capabilities with other software.
  • Work proactively by spotting problems through inventory and infrastructure management module.
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