Automate your Subscription Billing

RackNap helps automate your subscription billing and provisioning so you can focus on growing your business.

Billing automation – bill subscribers efficiently and quickly

“48% of businesses with a recurring revenue model struggle to meet accounting and reporting challenges” - CFO

RackNap is purposely built to eradicate the billing complexities of your recurring business model – so you can optimize your earnings and grow faster.

From free, one-time, pay-per-use to pre-paid, post-paid and contract-based pricing, RackNap supports all major pricing models.

With auto-provisioning, RackNap subscription billing management allows auto-renewal, suspension, and auto-termination with customizable time periods.

RackNap allows you to have separate pricing structures for different billing cycles – helping you sell and bill the way you want.

Gain complete control over your billing process with graphical dashboards to help you manage upcoming payments, unpaid invoices, pending orders, pending renewals, and more.

Experience the power of one-click order placement and provisioning. Get an edge over your competitors by closing sales faster with the help of automation.

Billing transparency - empowering your customers

RackNap empowers not only your team, but your customers as well. Give your customers complete visibility into their service usage backed with automation.

Your customers can view and manage all aspects of their subscription from within the customer panel with a single dashboard for quick and simplified overview.

Let your customers upgrade or downgrade their service plans or switch from one plan or billing cycle to another with one-click. Customer service at its best!

Your customers can view their service usage and keep a track of it from within their panel. This can help them manage their service consumption and avoid over-spending.

Billing is an important aspect of your subscription business. With RackNap, your clients can view their complete payment history, orders, invoices, receipts, as well as view and pay outstanding invoices.

Your clients can simply update their personal information like billing address or the contact details securely from within their customer panel.

Accelerate your
subscription business with automation

RackNap automates all major aspects of subscription business – helping you to amp up your service offerings and delivery.
Optimize Costs and maximize revenues

Optimize Costs and maximize revenues

Configure plans, pricing, discounts, with built-in support for multiple billing and pricing models, international currencies, payment gateways, tax levels and rules. With less administration burdens, you can optimize costs and maximize revenues.

Grow your subscription business

Grow your subscription business

Seamless automation and powerful management can help reduce your go-to-market time and operational expenses. It also offers business intelligence and analytics for complete insights into your business to help you make strategic decisions faster.

Gain customer trust and satisfaction

Gain customer trust and satisfaction

With self-service customer panel, RackNap reduces the gap between you and your customers. Customers can view and manage their payments and raise support from within their panel – giving them a sense of satisfaction and trust.

Cross-sell and upsell

Cross-sell and upsell quickly

RackNap subscription billing and management platform helps you cross-sell and upsell services to your existing subscribers. You can also create bundled offerings and apply discounts to attract more customers. With automated order provisioning, you can onboard new customers in a few minutes.

Integration support
for seamless workflows

What our customers are saying?

RackNap’s smart subscription billing automation has helped over 50K+ customers worldwide streamline their business operations and earn better revenues.
RackNap has a wide range of API Integrations that meet our business needs. We anticipated RackNap’s ability to automate our cloud service delivery and they met our expectations.
RackNap's billing automation and simplicity in customer management has improved the partner satisfaction which led to increase in average revenue per partner by 35%.

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