RackNap for Datacenters?

Automate operations and increase efficiency with RackNap's detailed presentation of your IT infrastructure. It provides a strategic view of assets in your datacenter along with network, fulfilling your requirements for in-depth visibility, optimized operations and an automated IT environment.

What Do Datacenter Operators Need to Be
Successful in the Cloud Era?

Enable Complete Automation of Datacenter Operations

Complete Automation of Datacenter Operations

The datacenter service providers must enable complete end-to-end business automation to spin up infrastructure at the click of a button and for super-quick service provisioning.

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Using Smart Rules for efficient management for DC Inventory

Efficient Management of Datacenter Inventory

Datacenters constantly need to provision, upgrade and downgrade services on demand for which they need a smart datacenter infrastructure management software to manage inventory and assets efficiently.

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Unification of DC Management with a central control panel

Unified Management with a Central Control Panel

To improve the efficiency of datacenter operations management, a single unified datacenter management platform is required that can manage all facets of business operations - billing, inventory, support, sales, marketplace, customer and partner management.

RackNap Features for Datacenter
Infrastructure Management

RackNap – the DCIM software, offers vital features for efficient datacenter infrastructure management, to empower you as a datacenter provider.

Datacenter inventory management and asset tracking

RackNap, the datacenter infrastructure management software, gives you complete visibility and control over your datacenter infrastructure located anywhere in the world.

  • Keep track of each and every asset - hardware, software, or network – auto-updated in real-time
  • Maintain APNIC/ARIN repository and get complete IP address management - both IPv4 & IPv6
  • Proper categorization and single-click availability of all your assets
  • Auto-mapping of your IT assets
  • All-purpose, single management dashboard
  • Improve resource and capacity management
  • Define automated (or manual) workflow
  • Manage public, private or hybrid cloud, or legacy services like dedicated server, VPS, web hosting and more.
Cloud Sales Management Software
Build Servers in Minutes

Build servers in minutes

Have better hardware and software asset management, and speed up service delivery with defined rules for building servers. Replicate those in demand and keep in inventory for quick delivery.

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Auto-mapping of IT Assets

Auto-mapping of IT Assets

Have every IT asset auto-mapped to the product and customer it is associated to. This way, you can automatically identify customers affected in case of an asset failure and provide better support.

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Server Status Notifications and Alerts

Server status notifications and alerts

Get real-time results of server status with server monitoring tools like PRTG, CACTI etc. Get threshold alerts and resource consumption metrics with notifications to concerned personnel.

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Detailed view inside your datacenter

Detailed view inside your datacenter

Build exact virtual replica of your data center down to the last detail in RackNap. Get top-down graphical representation that displays the space utilization of a facility by Floors > Rooms > Racks > RackU > Device.

Enable Your Data Center to Expand
and Grow in the Cloud

RackNap enables you to pair multiple cloud and virtualization platforms together and provide customizable and cloud-ready configurations to your customers. RackNap provides three great possibilities for data centers to enter the cloud market.
Build and sell cloud on their own infrastructure

Build and sell cloud on your own infrastructure

The data centers can use their own physical infrastructure to build their own public or private cloud with RackNap. Thus, they can enter the public cloud market with an edge over the other cloud resellers.

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Use infrastructure of third-party cloud providers

Use infrastructure of third-party cloud providers

RackNap also enables the data centers to link their infrastructure with third-party cloud service providers and thus leverage it to provide better and varied cloud services to their cloud customers.

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Expand service portfolio by offering new cloud services

Expand service portfolio by offering new cloud services

Also, the data centers can become more competitive by adding cloud services to their portfolio and thus reselling from third-party cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud and other.

Recurring Cloud Sales Management Platform

Bill datacenter services – the way you want

RackNap – the datacenter billing management software, empowers you to create flexible and automated billing model based on different parameters.

  • Supports multiple datacenter billing models – recurring, non-recurring, pre-paid, post-paid, free, one-time, pay-per-use or contract based.
  • Automates creation of datacenter client invoices as per billing cycle- monthly, quarterly, yearly and so on.
  • Automates billing of bandwidth over usage.
  • Multi-currency & multi-level customizable tax support.
  • Automates cancellation or suspension of unpaid accounts.
  • Enables automatic upgradation of resources on a single click.

Datacenter support process management

RackNap, the datacenter support management software, takes care of complete support management process for the datacenter clients with advanced techniques for intelligent ticket creation and distribution.

  • Automatically assigns the raised tickets to the most suitable CSR.
  • Manages centralized communication log for intelligent tracking of customer communication.
  • Smart workflow management by quick email and call routing to CSR.
  • Provision to create customizable notifications and announcements for each, selected or all clients.
  • Complete visibility into client information at the click of a button for ready reference of the CSR, to provide best support.
  • Has built-in knowledgebase & FAQs for minimizing number of tickets.
Cloud Sales Management Software
Recurring Cloud Sales Management Platform

Supports discount and commission based multi-tier partner channels

RackNap supports creation of multi-tier partner networks for creating a strong network for reselling through partners.

  • Create 1-tier and multi-tier (2-tier) partner networks.
  • Define discount/commission slab for partners for each product.
  • Partner gets admin panel for managing his relationship with the parent infrastructure or data center provider.
  • Assign special discounts or commissions and privileges to partners.
  • Extract and evaluate partner performance by applying various filters and parameters.

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