Know Your Cloud Business Inside out,
Control It like a Pro

RackNap empowers MSPs and CSPs to control each and every aspect of their cloud business with detailed functionalities

  • Check your real-time fresh and renewal sales
  • Define threshold alerts based on consumption
  • Check real-time resource usage by customers
  • Get detailed report for cloud usage/consumption
  • Allow customers to upgrade from client panel
  • Enable customers to renew services from client panel

What Should MSPs and CSPs Do to Be
Successful in the Cloud Business?

Managed service providers and cloud solution providers need to take care of some important aspects that are critical for achieving success in the cloud business. These include – enabling complete automation, creating great customer experience and effectively using partner channels.

Enable Complete
Cloud Business Automation

Cloud providers need to enable end-to-end cloud business automation for super-quick service delivery & provisioning, and managing billing, inventory, support and comprehensive monitoring.

Hosting Support System

Create Great
Customer Experience

Provide a great user-friendly customer experience so that your customers can access everything from a single place – place orders, manage services, view billing history, get support, etc.

Hosting Support System
Upsell bundles - Managed Services & Cloud Solutions

Upsell Bundles - Managed
Services & Cloud Solutions

The cloud service providers shall make effective and strategic use of upsell and cross-sell opportunities by bundling their managed services with cloud solutions to leverage cloud sales and increase revenue.

How RackNap Automates Business
Processes for CSPs and MSPs?

Cloud billing software for flexible billing and pricing management

RackNap empowers MSPs and CSPs to create any cloud services billing model of choice.

  • Supports billing structures based on different parameters like bandwidth consumption, disk storage consumption, CPU hour utilization etc.
  • Supports recurring, non-recurring, pre-paid, post-paid, free, one-time, pay-per-use or contract based billing models.
  • Automatic credit distribution for late payment, pending payments etc.
  • Flexible cloud billing options - in-depth invoices, receivables, POS and quotes.
  • Detailed reports of all expenses, activities and delivery schedules, including ageing analysis.

Support process management for CSP and MSP clients

RackNap streamlines the complete support management process for CSPs and MSPs.

  • Auto assignment of support issues to most suitable CSR with intelligent distribution.
  • Auto-escalation of support tickets for minimum TAT and to meet the SLAs.
  • Multi-channel communication and transaction log of customer in admin panel for quick reference of CSR to help the client.
  • Client gets all his service and billing details in his member panel itself and can also raise tickets at the click of a button.
  • Product-wise dynamic knowledgebase and FAQs for self-help of the clients.

Simplifying Cloud Sales and
Marketing Automation

RackNap as a unified cloud marketing and sales automation platform provides complete automation and detailed analytics for your business.

Automation of Sales Cycle

  • Dynamic sales funnel management with account assignment to sales personnel as per set parameters- product, region etc.
  • Sales module integrated with support and billing modules.
  • Lead status tracking through real time dashboard.
  • Proper follow-up management with automatic notifications.
  • Monitoring of complete supply chain process, including bills and POS.
  • Tracking of lead, potential, customers and all customer communication in the admin panel.
  • Sales team targets, loads and incentives management.

Centralized Marketing Automation

  • Ability to configure brand management settings.
  • Create promotions and discounts and apply them on services the way you want.
  • Enable periodic notifications to be sent to customers via email, SMS and set reminders for call follow-ups.
  • Set cross-selling and up-selling emails to be sent to prospects on various parameters.
  • Tag based data management for effectively channelizing email marketing.
  • Ability to be integrated with third party software for sending emails.

Cloud inventory and asset management, and tracking

RackNap gives you complete visibility and control over your complete cloud infrastructure throughout the globe.

  • Completely manage your hardware assets and software licenses with a single centralized repository of all IT inventory.
  • Maintain your IP repository - both IPV4 & IPV6, along with complete management of VLAN.
  • Single click upgradation of resources on demand by customer from the member panel itself.
  • Properly categorize all your assets with their vendor information, serial numbers, batch numbers, license keys and all other details.
  • Track your inventory, build, deliver and administer cloud and servers across multiple datacenters from a single dashboard.

CSP/MSP marketplace to sell cloud services, your own way

RackNap gives you a completely dynamic marketplace to sell your cloud and other products and services on any pricing model you want.

  • Sell public cloud and other services on your own infrastructure or from providers like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM etc. with automation.
  • Choose from multiple payment modes, payment gateways and base currencies.
  • Multi-level, flexible and configurable taxation support to apply taxes the way you want, to follow the compliances.
  • Control the pricing and plan configurations from RackNap and update them at the click of a button with complete automation.
  • Create and sell bundled products with combinations of multiple products and also set custom discounts when multiple products are purchased together.

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