Business Intelligence and Analytics

RackNap analyses your complete organizational data and presents it to you in simplified graphical formats at the click of a button. Do preemptive risk analysis and make smart and timely decisions with key performance indicators at your disposal.

Get Intelligent Data, Make
Smart Decisions

Goodbye silos; hello graphical dashboards!

As a head of an organization or a department, you are always short of time, and need quick information to know where things are going without having to ask for reports or update from multiple sources. RackNap's smart Business Intelligence module extracts data from multiple sources and processes it to give you all the information you need in simplified graphical dashboards for valuable business insight.

The CFO Dashboard

Get complete insight into your financial data for better channelizing your funds, forecasting and budgeting. View your organization's revenue forecast in a single graph.

  • Visibility into your gross revenue that can be obtained by the organization on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Real time graphical representation of all your invoices - fresh paid, fresh unpaid and renewal unpaid, renewal paid, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Graphical representation of all your customer orders- pending, in-process, fraud, complete and cancelled on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Graphical representation of billing cycles of all your orders, customizable as per set parameters - product wise, geography wise and more.
  • Complete visibility into your renewal orders and invoices – amount wise and count wise on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
The CTO Dashboard

Get in-depth visibility into your inventory and IT related functions for managing IT availability and your expenditures.

  • Complete visibility into your total hardware and software, used and unused assets for easy maintenance and proactive management of inventory.
  • Visibility into key metrics of servers; up-to-date resources' availability and usage, including CPU load, disk space, memory, bandwidth and more.
  • One click visibility into complete data obtained by monitoring your severs- uptime or downtime; networks and resources.
  • Actual time visibility into client resource consumption metrics, like permissible bandwidth and used bandwidth.
  • Inventory forecasting based on current availability and upcoming demand based on your sales leads for better capacity management decisions.
The CSO Dashboard

Single pane availability of requisite information about your sales and marketing teams to track, analyze and optimize their performance in an actionable way. Get complete insight into productivity, targets, costs and performance.

  • Get real time visibility into your leads – generated leads, converted leads, lost leads, lost leads details per set parameters, on daily, weekly & monthly basis.
  • Get real time visibility into your potentials – generated potentials, closed potentials, lost potentials per set parameters, on daily, weekly & monthly basis.
  • Increase your conversion rates by tracking top leads and potentials.
  • Manage your upselling opportunities with visibility into complete sales- product wise, bundled plans and more.
  • Get visibility into sales generated via your partners with complete information about new sign-ups, revenue obtained, commission given, traffic and more.
The CRM Dashboard

With access to real-time support metrics, take smart decisions by measuring and analyzing your support services on a continuous basis. Maintain SLA and keep customers satisfied.

  • Get quick real-time visibility into all your tickets- department wise and status they are in, for improving TAT.
  • Get to know top recurring issues to understand areas that need to be worked upon.
  • Know support personnel rated highest and lowest by clients and admins on a regular basis along with live chat rating to improve quality of support.
  • Improve SLA with quick visibility into pending tickets assigned to admins.
  • Get quick information about your clients raising maximum tickets and those who raise tickets on a regular basis, to provide personalized support.

Why RackNap Business

For there is nothing better than actionable business data at your fingertips.
Visuals make understanding easier

Complete information is available in the form of tables and illustrations, graphs and pie charts. With simple drag and drop, you can also change the order of information. See and analyze!

Downloadable data as CSV & PDF

If you have the right permissions, you can download all reports as PDF and CSV files for consumption and analysis at your pace.

Smart integration capabilities

RackNap can be easily integrated with existing systems and software you use. RackNap can extract insights from all the data flowing in from a multitude of sources and blend it with your internal data to generate insights.

High level security

With well-defined user roles and strict permission sets, only the permitted few can access the BI module, providing strict security and confidentiality of your data.

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