How RackNap is assisting Microsoft partners to fulfill Satya Nadella’s dream of leading the digital transformation – a Microsoft Ignite special.

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“There isn’t a single industry that isn’t being transformed. We collectively have the opportunity to lead in this transformation.”
-Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO at Microsoft Ignite.

If I could define this year’s focus of Microsoft Ignite 2017 or for that matter, any other event of Microsoft lately, it’s ‘Digital Transformation’. In a world that’s constantly evolving with new and advanced technologies impacting every sphere of our lives, making everything precise and smarter – from agriculture, medicine, cities, factories to even our homes, businesses are getting transformed at the core. But one thing that’s unwavering is – Microsoft staying grounded in its mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more!

At Microsoft Ignite 2017, taking place at Orlando, Florida from September 25-29th, there’s an excitement infused in the atmosphere as the august guests comprising decision makers, IT professionals and enterprise developers come to get inspired by the Microsoft’s vision of where the advanced technology is heading our world. This once in a lifetime learning experience is a tailormade conference for the attendees to boost their business and to get a glimpse into the world of future – a future powered by Microsoft technologies and platforms.

Per Satya’s keynote, the application of technology should not be just for the sake of it, rather it should be for the impact that a technology can create in moving our society and economy forward. For this, Microsoft focuses on four solution areas: modern workplace, business applications, data and AI and applications and infrastructure.

Modern workplace empowers employees to collaborate better and thus, innovate with the application of technology. This helps in shaping the modern digital work culture -a priority for today’s top rung in any organization. Microsoft is enabling the cultural shift and helping organizations secure their digital estate with Microsoft 365 – an amalgamation of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility +Security.

With the digitalization of every business process, from field service to relationship sales to operations to customer service, it’s important that an organization move beyond traditional software and disjoined data silos to advanced apps, using a common data model and for this, a platform approach is needed. This is getting implemented by combining business applications with mixed reality and IoT.

Combining AI into business applications with the help of Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn etc. Microsoft is transforming customer care, sales, and management and providing partners with an opportunity to set new standards for what customers expect from business applications.

In this intelligent edge and intelligent cloud era, the solution areas of applications and infrastructure, data, and AI enable Microsoft partners and customers to create specialized AI and MR apps and solutions into the core of the business. Microsoft Azure, a truly distributed hybrid cloud platform, helps in bringing these solutions to life.

Microsoft partners – the core of Microsoft business and the drivers of digital transformation

Microsoft has always been a partner led company. Today, digital transformation presents a huge opportunity in terms of the cloud for Microsoft partners. Microsoft is experiencing a huge customer demand for its cloud services with over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies using its Cloud. In this landscape, Microsoft’s channel network helps it reach every nook and cranny across the globe and deliver on its promise of seamless and advanced services to its customers.

As per a study, Microsoft partners are the most profitable ones – 86 percent, as compared to the partners of other cloud service providers like AWS or Google. And Microsoft Gold partners are the most satisfied ones at 90 percent.

Microsoft partners have 19 percent higher profit margins, are able to provide better customer experience, have better upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and are able to build stronger relationships due to strong partner management, and business and technical support from Microsoft.

Microsoft partners have nearly 20 percent higher margins than their next closest competitor. As per an IDC study, those cloud partners who have over 50 percent of their revenue in the cloud experience twice the growth rate, report 1.5 times better gross profit and have more than 1.8 times recurring revenue as compared to those partners with less than 50 percent of revenue in the cloud.

All this is just the tip of an iceberg. With IDC forecasting the greater cloud market to exceed $500 billion by 2020, the potential is being barely tapped.

So, to capitalize the cloud opportunity, it’s important that Microsoft partners form new relationships and explore new platforms to streamline their expanding product portfolio to enhance their business growth and thus, profitability.

RackNap: Empowering Microsoft partners to seize digital opportunities by reinventing business processes

The depth of Microsoft’s portfolio of technology solutions for digitally transforming a business form the key factor for driving profitability for Microsoft partners. They also drive profitability by easily bundling additional offerings and cross-selling or upselling other high profit services to create value added solutions for the customers.

Here, RackNap being an extensible, agnostic and highly integrable platform provides Microsoft partners with a tool to combine the depth of Microsoft products with the breadth of partner solutions to form a full stack of services, thus empowering everyone -the end customer and the partner.

A cloud service delivery and business automation platform, RackNap enables Microsoft partners to get complete cloud service business cycle automation across different business aspects – Marketplace and product display; Service provisioning and delivery; Sales and billing management; Inventory and assets monitoring; CRM and support management; Multi-tier partner channel management, Customer self-service, and Business analytics

It helps Microsoft partners with:

Business Productivity: Currently, Microsoft partners have to rely on multiple applications to manage different facets of their business – support, CRM, sales and marketing, inventory and service delivery; without any automation.

RackNap, with its diverse modules and functionalities, serves as a stand-alone, self-sufficient and unified platform for Microsoft CSPs (cloud solution providers), helping them get rid of the mismanagement and manual processing that stem from dependency on several applications.

Revenue Acceleration: RackNap Express (or SaaS model) and RackNap (Deployed On-premise or Cloud model) accounts enable all Microsoft partners, to deliver cloud services alongside their traditional products, with complete automation of their business cycle, thereby maximizing their ROI.

Cost Optimization: RackNap helps Microsoft partners get rid of dependency on multiple business management tools and thereby different costs. RackNap is available in different models to suit the needs of different businesses – as RackNap Hosted and RackNap On-premise to enable any business to sell cloud services without any upfront investment.

Customer Satisfaction: A case study on our partner XcelHost can explain this point in detail: http://www.racknap.com/en-in/case-studies

RackNap provides a complete stack for managing all operational procedures of a business.

  • It powers the frontend or marketplace and allows easy management of all the cloud and offerings, packages, plans, promotions, discounts and more via a single dashboard.
  • The system administrators get one place visibility and capability to manage all organizational processes, including sales, marketing, CRM, billing, support, inventory, HRMS and more.
  • RackNap provides intelligent granular visibility into service and process efficiency; product-wise current and expected revenue flow; employee productivity; resource utilization metrics; and client satisfaction.
  • The customers are also taken care of, as with RackNap’s member panel, they can manage their services – upgrade or downgrade plans or services or resources per their needs.
    They can view their communication via mails, SMSs, raise tickets and view announcements and support notifications. They can access billing details -ledger, view orders, receipts, invoices, renew their services and also update their information directly at one place, without requesting any help from the support personnel, saving their time and keeping them up-to-date with the services.

RackNap is already being used by a number of Microsoft CSP partners – both Tier 1 and Tier 2 across the globe, including South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States for successfully selling Microsoft cloud services along with their traditional web services.

RackNap is also available for demo with complete set of functionalities and all integrations.

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