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Microsoft FY21 Focus – A partner’s viewpoint

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With the onset of COVID-19, businesses have undergone a transformational change in the way they transact. Working from home has become the norm, business continuity planning is no longer optional and conserving the cash has become imperative.

Organizations which have embraced digital technology, have a better chance at surviving the pandemic, compared to the rest. This is discernible in Microsoft’s decision to focus on certain solution areas. The four main focus areas for Microsoft this year are:

  1. Remote working
  2. Business continuity solutions
  3. Secure environments
  4. Cloud migrations

Democratization of technology is the key for the future. Anyone who has a business idea, should have the capability to build business applications, which will help them to achieve their potential. Any common man should be able to build apps, without having to know coding skills. Microsoft is going to focus more on low code, no code solutions with more emphasis on PowerApps. This can help solve pressing challenges and problems for the customers.

Microsoft is also offering more avenues for partners to take their solutions to customers by way of new Modern Commerce experience. Commercial marketplace from Microsoft is a step in the right direction to take this vision forward.

There is a renewed push to focus on helping partners to build their own IP, offer managed services and co-sell that with Microsoft sellers.

The all-new digital experience has been no less inspiring than a physical event. Considering the circumstances, I think Microsoft has done remarkably well in being able to communicate this vision and strategy to its partners and customers via this event. There is no better time to be in a technology space than now. It has been a very memorable experience.

Last, but not the least, the icing on the cake was that RackNap was featured in the Microsoft Go-To-Market services’ breakout session to show how RackNap utilized partner demand generation and other activities as part of MS Go-To-Market services to maximize lead generation.

In this video, Sabarinathan Sampath, SVP and COO, RackNap summarizes his Digital Experience during Microsoft Inspire.

Microsoft focus for FY21 aligns with what the partners really want support with. They want to be able to help their customers to run their business seamlessly in times of crisis and Microsoft has just listened.

With this, I conclude my digital experience at Microsoft Inspire 2020 and until next time –  Stay safe, stay inspired.

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Munesh, the founder and Managing Director of RackNap, has an overall expertise of over 16 years in the hosting, datacenter and the cloud industry. Being a veteran with deep industry knowledge, he understands the pain points and needs of these industries. RackNap - his brainchild, is thus an in-house developed and extensively tested product to provide completely automated business processes and service delivery.
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