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Generate leads that convert to customers with free Microsoft Office 365 trial on your marketplace

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How do you attract customers to your business? What and how is a customer attracted?

You would definitely love to know the mantra of how to get more customers who just can’t wait to order your service. I know you must be wondering if you have reached another sales and marketing blog.

But believe me, it’s easy!

And the best part is you’ll be actually addressing your customer’s pain points and serving him better experience while you strive to increase your revenue.

It’s just about understanding the customer psychology. In order to drive your sales, you need to:

  • Understand what your customer wants, and
  • How you can influence the decision he makes.

So, firstly talking about what your customer wants.

The addons and trials make all the difference in the world. You will be selling what your neighborhood guy is selling but if you throw in a smile with some freebies like a free glass of lemonade, you have the customer.

Same goes true with free trials – customers always love that little bit extra. We all fall for that free one-month subscription on renewing our movie subscription service for a year – 11months paid + 1-month free tactics when we had actually thought to pay up for only one month.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Accept it or not, it’s in the human psychology and irrespective of our budget, we love the terms – sale, free and trials!

Secondly, how you can influence your customer’s buying decision.

No, I am neither talking of hypnotizing them nor manipulating them into buying. You will simply be giving them what they need.

Image Credits – Microsoft

With Office 365, you can fulfill their needs of productivity, operational agility through a cost-effective solution and help them make their business more adaptable to today’s digitally transforming IT environment. While you – a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) get increase in your profits from selling Office 365.

“The growth opportunity for what is Office 365 is a lot bigger than anything we’ve achieved, even with our high penetration in the client-server world,” Satya Nadella said at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom conference in San Francisco.

No doubt, reselling Office 365 provides a CSP with great opportunities to increase revenue as it has great profit potential. But with neck breaking competition, skills and expertise that other CSPs possess, the question is, how you can get more Office 365 leads and that too the relevant ones that convert.

You need to provide free trial of Office 365 to the visitors of your website. This will help them experience the Office 365 solution first-hand.

And RackNap provides you the ability to have Office 365 free trial on your website effortlessly.

The following screengrabs will show how the actual implementation will look like.

Of course, RackNap is working in the below trial at both the backend – the administration aspect, and the frontend – the CSP’s showcase in the form of its marketplace. This helps the MS CSP and its customers get a seamless experience throughout.

  1. Create Office 365 trial dedicated landing page

    You can have a dedicated landing page on your site which you can also use to collect leads by adding informational Office 365 blogs, whitepapers, case studies and adding a lead -collection form.

    RackNap helps you collect all Office 365 leads at a single place with all their details that your sales team can access and follow them up, without a glitch.

  2. Automatically direct viewers to Office 365 trial on your website

    Once the user clicks on ‘Try Now’ button, he gets directed to your marketplace where he can not only access the Trial but can also see other features and your offerings in detail.

    As shown below, you can place Trial Button for any of the plans that you wish to promote. However, we recommend that you give trial for the high-end plan, so that the user gets to enjoy all the functionalities and experience all the benefits of Office 365 first-hand.

  3. Show Shopping Cart with Zero Amount to pay

    Once the user clicks on ‘Try Now’ shown above, he is redirected to the shopping cart, where he needs to add his domain and press on ‘Add to Cart’ without paying a single penny.

    IN case of a new visitor, he needs to register, else he can login directly if he is an existing customer of yours.

  4. Show welcome message and send automated Welcome mails

    We will consider the case of a new visitor here as existing members are directly taken to their Member Panel from where they can access their free Office 365 service.

    RackNap’s member panel provides customers complete control over their services. They get a single point of access to manage their services and view all relevant information related to billing, support, and more at one place. It also provides service providers the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell by showcasing more of their products/services as per their relevance to a particular service’s customers and target more specific audience base.

    Coming back to the trial sequence, following registration, the registered user is sent automated welcome mails, whose frequency and content, can be set by the sender service provider as per his needs.

    However, here the service provider in the trial, sends three mails – one from its CEO welcoming customer aboard, second regarding the service details and login credentials and third for the email verification – so the security aspect is also taken care of.

    Once the email is verified by the user, he is shown a message of confirmation that he is a registered customer now.

    Now the user can place his order for free of cost Office 365 trial as shown in the snapshot below.

    That’s it! As soon as it’s done, it goes to the service provider’s billing team for approval and as soon as they approve, the customer can start using Office 365.

    He also gets an automated welcome mail as shown below in which he gets all the details of his Office 365 service.

    And the best part is, all this is done with complete automation and no intervention on the service provider’s part.

    • Your billing team gets the customer details automatically.
    • Your sales team gets the lead generation tool for Office 365.
    • Your website viewer understands that you work automatedly and efficiently, and hence, trusts you.

    Trial also helps you convert the trial takers at the end of trial period to actual paying customers.

    The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. – Marketing Metrics.

    So, the chances of someone taking an Office 365 trial converting to a paid customer, is 14X more than a random visitor on Office 365 page of your website.

    Image Credits: Groove

    In addition to being an Office 365 lead generation tool, a free trial can help you get more happy customers and as they say, a happy customer means more business.

    Image Credits:

    Do let us know your queries in the comments below.

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