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What is RackNap?

Cloud Service Delivery and Provisioning

  • Market Place & Product Platform
  • Inventory Management & Monitoring
  • Billing & Pricing Management
  • Support & CRM Management

Business Cycle Automation and Management

  • Sales & Marketing Flow
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Multi-tier Partner Channel Management
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

The unified end-to-end cloud Service delivery and provisioning platform

Enabling you to deliver, provision and manage cloud based services and other recurring and non-recurring billing services from a single platform.

Deliver, provision and manage cloud services on your own infrastrucutre or via third party provider

RackNap is a completely unified platform that enables cloud service providers to sell cloud services on their own infrastructure, as well as via third party providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM – SoftLayer, and others.

Deliver non-cloud services on both recurring and non-recurring billing

RackNap is not just limited to cloud and hosting services, it also empowers the service providers to deliver the non-cloud services based on both recurring (subscription based) and non-recurring billing.

Cloud Sales Automation Platform

Complete end-to-end business cycle automation and management

RackNap automates all facets of business operations and management
Sales Automation Platform for Cloud Services

RackNap provides an end-to-end platform with complete automation for managing all the business functions so that you can automate and manage everything from one place - SaaS and Subscription Billing Management, Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management, Support, Marketplace and Multi-tier Partner Management, Customer Lifecycle management – all backed by Business Intelligence.

What makes RackNap unique?

Born out of need

RackNap has been the brainchild of its principle company ZNet, established in 2001 & one of India's largest cloud services provider serving 80,000+ customers. Although RackNap has been commercially launched in Feb 2016, it has been developed & extensively used by ZNet since 2013 for its own cloud service delivery and business automation needs.



RackNap is much more than just a cloud service delivery and business automation & management platform, it empowers you with BI and Predictive Analytics and also provides deeper visibility into what's going on to help make wise decisions.

15 Years in industry

To build a 360 – degree cloud business automation platform, it takes veteranship, deep industry knowledge, and most importantly, the first-hand industry experience. And, hands on experience and industry knowledge is not something every other software development company can boast of.


Different solutions for various business needs results in information gaps and lack of automation. RackNap helps you overcome dependency on multiple solutions and serves as a unified software for all of your cloud and hosting management and business process automation needs.

Thoroughly tested, hands on

RackNap has been used by ZNet Technologies since many months to deliver its own cloud services and manage sales, cloud & SaaS billing, and inventory. RackNap comes completely bug-free and use-ready for you from the word go.


RackNap can be integrated with your existing systems, and also supports SaaS & subscription based cloud billing management. It's highly useful if you don't want to change your current billing or CRM tool, they can be used within RackNap.

Recurring billing management platform

Pre-integrated tools and platforms for smooth cloud service delivery, automation, provisioning and management

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