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Automate your subscription business.

RackNap is designed to ease management of recurring revenue businesses. Manage billing, pricing, marketing, sales, and support - all from a single pane of glass

With subscriptions, it's no longer about a one-time sale. Your customers are now renewing their relationship with you, upgrading or downgrading to suit their needs, and constantly engaging with your product.

RackNap provides end to end automation of all facets of a subscription business – billing, support, sales, marketing and CRM. It supports flexible product packaging; recurring billing; revenue forecasting; service orchestration and delivery; inventory and infrastructure; order process and product portfolio; device and resource monitoring; and in-house communications - from a single pane of glass.

Automate your subscription business.

Flexible cloud subscription billing management system, in every sense of the word.

Complete sales and marketing process management

Tiered subscription pricing management

RackNap the subscription billing management software allows you to have separate pricing structures in place for different billing cycles. Have pricing decreased as billing cycle increases; i.e. more price for monthly billing and less for yearly billing. Similarly, have tiered pricing in place for number of units purchased. Motivate the customer to buy more, for longer billing cycles.

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Controlled discounts on billing

Controlled discounts on billing

Create discounts, and apply to products the way you want – flat percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, redeemable coupon codes and auto-applying coupon codes with the integrated cloud service provisioning and billing system. Create discounts only for specific billing cycles or higher-end plans to encourage customer to invest more money. Have discounts auto-expired per date range.

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Bundle traditional and new-age products

Bundle traditional and new-age products

Increase cross-selling with RackNap's automated and integrated subscription pricing and billing management platform. Create bundled offerings of traditional and new-age products and give discounts only when some products are purchased together. Or, give some product as add-on or free when a particular product is purchased for a higher billing cycle.

How RACKNAP automates Subscription and License management for Subscription Providers?

RackNap provides user-friendly features in its automated business process solutions for subscription service providers.

Simplified subscription billing and revenue management

RackNap as a recurring billing solution, helps you manage the billing and revenue processes of your customers with complete automation.

  • Support for subscription based recurring billing and usage based billing models.
  • Centralized management of subscriber information with actual time charging and subscriber usage reporting and accounting.
  • Automated notifications and reminders about unpaid invoices, service suspension, termination etc.
  • Ability of creating quotations, convertible to invoices in a single click if accepted.
  • Ability of managing credit systems and automatic tracking and adjustment of overpayment in new invoices.
  • Ability of applying late fee rules.
Simplified subscription billing and revenue management
Supports discount and commission based multi-tier partner channels

Supports discount and commission based multi-tier partner channels

RackNap supports creation of multi-tier partner networks for creating a strong network of distribution channels through distributors and resellers.

  • Create 1-Tier and multi-tier (2-Tier) partner networks.
  • Define discount/commission slab for partner for each product.
  • Partner gets admin panel for managing their relationship with the parent SaaS provider.
  • Assign special discounts or commissions and privileges to partners.
  • Extract and evaluate partner performance by applying various filters and parameters.

Complete support management in place for resolving customer issues

RackNap as a support management software, provides complete solution to manage your subscriber's issues. Automated and quality support saves your time and resources and optimizes your process of resolving customer issues.

  • Increased ability of communicating with online resources including SMSs.
  • Self-help capability to customers for managing their subscription plans and payments directly from within their member panel.
  • Automated ticket management, assignment and escalations as per set parameters, like date, time etc.
  • Smart workflow management by quick email and call routing to CSR.
  • Real-time reporting to track responsiveness and resolution time across all accounts, teams and departments.
  • Better management of SLA with smart ticket client rating mechanism
  • Ability to create pre-designed templates for announcements, maintenance notifications for quick information to customers.
Complete support management in place for resolving customer issues

Complete sales and marketing process management

RackNap as a sales and marketing management software, helps you to manage your sales and marketing from a single place. With automated process it manages your fresh and renewal leads, with proper insights into marketing processes.

Sales Management

  • Lead assignment as per set parameters.
  • Real time visibility into order status, lead and potential status.
  • Periodic reminders and notifications of renewals.
  • Provision to track potential lead, set reminder and follow ups.
Marketing Management

Marketing Management

  • Automated marketing processes like discounts/promotions etc.
  • Ability to add multiple logics related to discounts/promotions expiration
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing
  • Partner relationship management including channel partner and their revenue management.

Better way to manage Inventory of your subscription based business

RackNap as a subscription Inventory Management Software, supports inventory repository management and tracking of assets. A proper categorization of services and proactive analysis of future requirement makes inventory management a smooth process.

  • Improved accessibility to products and services.
  • Proper categorization of inventory along with their vendor information and all other details.
  • Intelligent search for finding products as per different set parameters.
  • Multiuser inventory accessibility as per set roles.
  • Centralized management console for all assets.
  • Integrated real-time monitoring, metering & control.
  • Proactive analysis for future needs.
Better way to manage Inventory of your subscription based business
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