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Subscription Providers

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The world has shifted to the subscription economy: 6.8 billion potential subscribers on mobile, social and web. 80% of customers demand new consumption models.

Subscription Billing and Management Software
An increasingly large number of industries are now working on the dynamic and predictable subscription-based recurring revenue model as the consumers' focus has now shifted considerably from buying products to buying services. On-demand business model has revolutionized not just the technology industry but even consumer services' industries like media, health clubs, water, grocery, food services, transportation, pet care services and a lot others that are moving into e-zone.
RackNap provides end to end automation of all facets of a subscription business – billing, support, sales, marketing and CRM. It supports flexible product packaging; recurring billing; revenue forecasting; service orchestration and delivery; inventory and infrastructure; order process and product portfolio; device and resource monitoring; and in-house communications - from a single pane of glass.
Subscription Billing Solutions for hosting
Racknap features for Subscription providers
  • Support for subscription based recurring billing and usage based billing models.
  • Centralized management of subscriber information with actual time charging and subscriber usage reporting and accounting.
  • Automated notifications and reminders about unpaid invoices, service suspension, termination etc.
  • Ability of creating quotations, convertible to invoices in a single click if accepted.
  • Ability of managing credit systems and automatic tracking and adjustment of overpayment in new invoices.
  • Ability of applying late fee rules.
  • Increased ability of communicating with online resources including SMSs.
  • Self-help capability to customers for managing their subscription plans and payments directly from within their member panel.
  • Automated ticket management, assignment and escalations as per set parameters, like date, time etc.
  • Smart workflow management by quick email and call routing to CSR.
  • Real-time reporting to track responsiveness and resolution time across all accounts, teams and departments.
  • Better management of SLA with smart ticket client rating mechanism
  • Ability to create pre-designed templates for announcements, maintenance notifications for quick information to customers.
  • Improved accessibility to products and services.
  • Proper categorization of inventory along with their vendor information and all other details.
  • Intelligent search for finding products as per different set parameters.
  • Multiuser inventory accessibility as per set roles.
  • Centralized management console for all assets.
  • Integrated real-time monitoring, metering & control.
  • Proactive analysis for future needs.
  • Smart revenue forecasting for better strategizing.
  • Comprehensive partner relationship management, including channel partnerships and their revenue management.
  • Lead assignment as per set parameters.
  • Real time visibility into order status, lead and potential status.
  • Automated lead generation for upcoming renewal s.
  • Periodic renewal reminders and notifications.
  • Complete automation of marketing processes, including brand settings, promotions/discounts, e
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing
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