RackNap SaaS Model FAQs

Billing FAQs

What components are included in the RackNap SaaS model?

The deployment will include the core RackNap product:

  • - Billing and Provisioning
  • - Business Intelligence
  • - CRM
  • - Customer Control Panel
  • - Marketplace
  • - Sales and Marketing
  • - Support Management
Will I have to sign-up for a contract for a minimum number of months?
Is there a minimum revenue that I need to generate from the platform?
What happens if I don't achieve the minimum requirement?
When will I be billed for the services that I sell from RackNap?
Can I make my payments automatically to RackNap?
Will my RackNap subscription be renewed automatically every month?
How can I cancel my subscription to RackNap?

Technical FAQs

How can I configure different products on the RackNap platform?

You can cancel by writing to us at billing@racknap.com You can configure the products by yourself on the RackNap platform. Detailed knowledge base articles from RackNap can help you with this. If you need RackNap Professional Services team to configure these plans for you, then these can be done as additional chargeable work. You can reach out to the RackNap deployment team at touch@racknap.com with details.

How can I get support assistance for RackNap?
What features are included in RackNap SaaS model?
Can I perform some RackNap product customizations in the platform?
Can I integrate with external systems?
I have existing customers and how can I migrate them?
Can the platform be used by Indirect / Direct Partner / mCSP of Microsoft?
Can the platform support Multi-lingual UI?
Where will RackNap be deployed or made available for me?
Can I change the URLs provided for my marketplace and admin panel?
Will the marketplace be white-labelled?
Can we test the platform and see its functionalities?
How to sign-up for RackNap SaaS offering?
What steps are involved to go-live?
What other services are offered by RackNap?
After signature how many days does it require to go live?