Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) program offers great opportunity to Microsoft partners (distributors, MSPs, ISPs and hosting providers) to package their solutions with Microsoft cloud offerings, like Azure and earn great revenue from rising demand for Azure cloud services.

The CSPs own the complete customer life cycle, offer bundled solutions, provide automated billing and cloud service provisioning, manage channel partner ecosystem, and add their management capabilities on top of Microsoft's Cloud Services and generate additional revenue and profits.

RackNap: Microsoft CSPs AZURE cloud services provisioning management and billing automation software

  • Manage and automate service provisioning of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and others like EMS, SharePoint, and more.
  • Microsoft Azure CSP billing automation platform for pay-per-use, pro-rata, monthly, and yearly billing of cloud services.
  • Ability to handle complete Microsoft Cloud Services lifecycle, including marketing & sales, billing and provisioning, support and CRM.
  • Automated and manual administration – ability to suspend, unsuspend, and terminate customer licenses.
Microsoft CSP management solution

How does RackNap help Microsoft CSPs automate and manage the technical complexity in selling Azure cloud solutions?

RackNap is integrated with Microsoft Azure CSP API that helps Microsoft CSPs with end-to-end Azure customer lifecycle management, and enables complete automation of cloud business functions, including Azure and other cloud services like SharePoint, EMS, Ofice365 service provisioning, delivery, billing, and administration from a single pane of glass.

Microsoft CSP sales automation

  • Automatically track marketing campaigns, assess performance & evaluate ROI.
  • Have a complete visibility into cloud services sales cycle, take instant action at any required point.
  • Create, schedule and expire promotions and discount coupons.
  • Send upsell and cross sell mails for Azure services with automation and display them in client panel.
  • Set targets & incentives for sales team and continuously monitor their performance.

Microsoft support process management

  • Uses Knowledgebase & Troubleshooting guides to auto-resolve the issue & minimizes ticket creation.
  • Raises ticket if issue is not resolved with self-service module for Azure cloud solutions, and others.
  • Auto-assigns ticket to appropriate CSR depending on various parameters.
  • On resolution, updates KB for auto issue resolution the next time.
  • Automatically collects customer feedback.

Microsoft CSP partner management

  • Create multi-tier partner networks.
  • Define discount/commission slab for partner for each product.
  • Give admin panel to partner for provisioning Azure and Office 365 with automation & customer panel for his end customer.
  • Provide ability to avail white label Microsoft cloud services support for partner’s end customers.
  • Provide cloud sales & marketing resources to partner in panel for better performance.

Billing and pricing management

  • With RackNap’s MS CSP billing platform, create any plan – contract-based, pay-per-use, one-time, recurring, free, etc.
  • Have separate pricing structure for different billing cycles with tiered pricing.
  • Create discounts and apply to products the way you want with RackNap’s CSP billing automation solution.
  • Integrated with Azure billing API, it allows you to create bundled offers and give discounts on purchase of some specific products.
  • See customer's complete Azure services’ billing history in admin panel & also show in customer's panel.

Microsoft CSP marketplace and product display platform

  • Selling & provisioning of public cloud and other services like Azure is automated with Microsoft CSP API integration.
  • Integration with your Microsoft CSP marketplace, allow details like pricing, plan configurations, etc. to be auto-updated on one click.
  • RackNap is integrated and auto-synced with leading LiveChat software for better customer relationship management.
  • Collect payment for Azure services via multiple leading payment gateways that are integrated with RackNap and marketplace.

Microsoft Azure and Cloud inventory management

  • Use a single dashboard for all purposes – track Azure keys, build, deliver & administer cloud; raise PO, etc.
  • Get Azure keys auto-assigned when a new order is made, and have them automatically revoked on non-renewal.
  • Properly categorize assets with their vendor information – license keys, OEM details, serial no., batch no., etc.
  • RackNap's Microsoft Azure automation & management software provides instant visibility into the number & nature of licenses, suspended & those nearing termination and ability to revoke licenses, etc.

Business intelligence and analytics

  • Get complete insights in simplified graphical formats for Microsoft CSP Azure services’ sales and client stats.
  • Get Azure cloud services and other Microsoft cloud products' inventory forecasting based on current availability and upcoming sales demand.
  • Get all required information about sales and marketing team to track, analyze and optimize their performance.
  • Get access to real-time support metrics, measure & analyze your support services & take smart decisions.
  • Get inventory forecasting based on current availability and upcoming demand based on sales leads.

Customer panel

  • Give your customers complete control with a powerful Customer Panel.
  • It is a single point from where customers can get all details about the Microsoft services they have availed & manage them.
  • Most important dashboards related to services, support and billing, with key stats are visible at login itself.
  • Customer panel also gives you the opportunity to increase revenue by automating Azure and other Microsoft products’ cross-selling and upselling to existing customer base.

RackNap and Microsoft work closely to help you deliver cloud services with smart automation!

Microsoft CSP billing platform

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