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Cloud Business Webinar Series

How to Build a Profitable Cloud Business

This webinar series will focus on addressing the most pressing challenges (billing, provisioning, support, revenue growth) that CSPs face in building a profitable cloud business.

Upcoming webinars in the series

In this webinar series (approx. 45 mins each), you will interact with business and technical experts from the cloud industry. They will help you chart out the most effective strategies for selling cloud services. And, also share best practices for delivering better cloud services with flexible billing management, streamlined support, simplified partner onboarding and inventory management.
These webinars will be held in two different time zones. Please register for webinars in your nearest time zone.
18th October, Wednesday

Launch any of Microsoft Cloud Services and Bill Your Customer on Pay-per-use Model

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2nd November, Thursday

Manage Support Processes efficiently and improve your cloud customer satisfaction

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15th November, Wednesday

Increase Revenue from Partners by Simplifying Onboarding process and Management

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30th November, Thursday

Cut your losses and deliver services faster by Streamlining DataCenter Inventory Management

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Speaker Profiles

Sabarinathan Sampath

Guruprit Ahuja

CEO and Co-founder, RackNap

Has 25 years' experience in Sales leadership roles positioning Cloud Computing platforms, Data Center services and Software Solutions.

Sabarinathan Sampath

Sabarinathan Sampath

Senior Vice President, RackNap

Has over 19 years of experience in the IT industry delivering cloud solutions to large Telcos, SIs, Hosters and MSPs.