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Data Center Industry

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IDC- By 2017, 90% of datacenter and enterprise systems management will rapidly adopt new business models to manage non-traditional infrastructure and BYOD device categories.

Data Center automation Platform
Setting up and maintaining a datacenter requires management on multiple fronts like infrastructure & asset management; resource usage; proper monitoring & metering of hardware & software; as well as proactive analysis & adaption for future requirements.
Data center industry is thus slowly shifting to new and advanced management solutions that can handle modernization and new trends in technology.
Gartner- The emerging markets are aggressively looking at modernizing their existing IT. Technology and service providers would witness data center modernization and transformation, as a key component of broader modernization.
For modernizing and automating the datacenter industry, RackNap integrates detailed analysis of software infrastructure & network hardware with a strategic view of nascent datacenter needs to fulfill any datacenter customers' requirements for an agile & automated IT environment.
It successfully replaces outdated metering, monitoring software and hardware platform that are often used by older datacenters, with its state-of-the-art modules that empower the older data centers to not only fulfill present needs but also adapt seamlessly according to the future demands & load changes and all this at a much lower capital expenditure.
Data center management software
Racknap features for DataCenter Industry
  • Centralized management consolefor all assets.
  • IPv4 & IPv6 support.
  • Structured, real-time rack view via rack diagrams.
  • SNMP for auto-discovery, capacity planning, and BW monitoring & reporting.
  • Energy utilization calculation with third party PUE or DCiE calculator.
  • Outlined view of total & sold capacity.
  • Physical infrastructure optimization for stranded capacity & downtime reduction.
  • Automated charging of clients and Invoicing.
  • Automated Billing of Bandwidth Overage.
  • Management and automation of recurring billing.
  • Multi-currency & multi-level customizable tax support.
  • Automated cancellation or suspension of unpaid accounts.
  • Restricted access of billing information to CSRs.
  • Customizable notifications and announcements.
  • Streamlined contract and invoice management.
  • Smart ticket system with automated ticket escalation module.
  • Integrated real time online chat support.
  • Built-in knowledgebase & FAQs.
  • Centralized client communication log.
  • Phased order processing for fresh & recurring sales.
  • Customized Order forms.
  • Automated order link creation.
  • Quick sales targets & incentives assignment.
  • Seamless partner management process.
  • Marketing processes automation -brand settings, promotions/discounts, notifications, testimonials and more.
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing.
  • Multiple payment modes with multiple gateways and currency support.
  • Multi-level and configurable taxation support, including TDS and VAT.
  • Real time payment processing by integration with payment gateways.
  • Auto calculation of Forex loss or gain during any transaction entry.
  • Flexible Services and payment modes -a-la-carte or pay-as-you-go.
  • Capability for package upgradation depending upon future requirements.
  • Multiple payment modes with multiple gateways and currency support.
  • Configuring brand settings
  • Adding promotions and discounts.
  • Setting notifications, testimonials and more.
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing.
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