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By 2018, IDC forecasts that public cloud spending will more than double to $127.5 billion. This forecast is broken down as follows: $82.7 billion in SaaS spending, $24.6 billion for IaaS and $20.3 billion in PaaS expenditures.

Cloud Business Management Tools
With the multifarious benefits of cloud services becoming apparent, organizations and their applications across the globe have either moved into a hosted environment or are quickly migrating into one. But for cloud providers, business is highly dynamic, with transactions of divergent nature. The requirements of cloud providers are absolutely atypical of other businesses working on traditional models. Cloud providers face a difficult time in managing myriad systems and software to manage their complex billing and inventory.
RackNap fulfills the basic necessity of an end-to end module for cloud business automation that supports flexible metering, taxation, discount, and pricing, that may be one time, recurring or usage based; aligns billing with actual physical usage; facilitates portability and interoperability; smooth integration with IT on premise; proper monitoring of the services being provided; supervision of SLAs and performance; handling and fulfilling all the different requirements of service providers, while improving operational efficiency and all this at a highly economical price.
Cloud Business Automation Solutions

Racknap features for Cloud Providers

  • Billing support for different services like bandwidth Consumption, Disk Storage Consumption, CPU Hour utilization etc.
  • Recurring, non-recurring, Usage based and Flat rate billing for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and on-demand providers.
  • Pre-paid, Advance and Post-paid billing models.
  • Automatic credit distribution for late payment, pending payments etc.
  • Flexible billing options - In-depth invoices, receivables, POS and quotes.
  • Detailed reports of all expenses, activities and delivery schedules, including ageing analysis.
  • Automated billing on upgradation of resources.
  • Auto assignment of support issues to proper CSR.
  • Intelligent personnel tracking for ticket auto assignment.
  • Escalation of support tickets for minimum TAT & to support SLA.
  • Multi-channel communication & transaction log of customer for quick CSR reference.
  • Holistic client view through client information dashboard.
  • Product-wise dynamic knowledgebase and FAQs.
  • Feedback collection and CSR rating for planning future strategies.
  • Dynamic sales funnel management with account assignment to sales personnel as per set parameters- product, region etc.
  • Sales module integrated with support and billing modules.
  • Lead status tracking through real time dashboard.
  • Proper follow-up management with automatic notifications.
  • Monitoring of complete supply chain process, including bills and POs.
  • Tracking of lead, potential, customers and all customer communication.
  • Sales team targets, loads and incentives management.
  • Recurring revenue management for reducing churn rate.
  • Complete hardware and software inventory management.
  • IP repository and VLAN management.
  • Single click upgradation of resources.
  • Availability of serial numbers repository to track warranty, AMC and contracts.
  • Warranty management, including warranty of refurbished products.
  • Batch management of expired or unused items.
  • Quick availability of stock threshold data for pro-active management of inventory.
  • Bar code scanning system.
  • Multiple payment modes with multiple gateways and currency support.
  • Multi-level and configurable taxation support, including TDS and VAT.
  • Real time payment processing by integration with payment gateways.
  • Auto calculation of Forex loss or gain during any transaction entry.
  • Flexible Services and payment modes -a-la-carte or pay-as-you-go.
  • Capability for package upgradation depending upon future requirements.
  • Multiple payment modes with multiple gateways and currency support.
  • Configuring brand settings
  • Adding promotions and discounts.
  • Setting notifications, testimonials and more.
  • Ability of third party integration for email marketing.
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